Mall Girls

Mall Girls

Shopping malls - today's place of creating desires. Best jewelry, clothes, shoes. Unaffordable by young girls, but they "work" to get themselves sponsors for new items.

Shopping malls - today's place of creating desires. Best jewelry, clothes, shoes. Unaffordable by young girls, but they "work" to get themselves sponsors for new items. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim M (ru) wrote: Dark film about a Hollywood actor in Miami, who after receiving disturbing news goes on a wild bender of booze and blow and eventually blackouts. Later he seeks to unravel the events of that night. Dennis Hopper plays his friend a videophile. Though the scenary is nice and the cast good looking this mearly adds to the feeling of having some horrid nightmare leading towards an inevitable final. Checkthis out.

Andrei M (mx) wrote: interesting... take a walk with a stranger in new years eve...

Andre H (jp) wrote: You can take a boy out of Belfast, but you can never take Belfast out of a boy...

Bethany B (au) wrote: Tried to watch this because of Colin Firth and Minnie Driver... never made it to Minnie Driver's parts. Twenty minutes in, I had to stop.

David J (es) wrote: Silly family action film.

April W (it) wrote: Painful to watch- but true

Rachel J (ag) wrote: Makes me laugh everytime

Eva L (fr) wrote: Ok this movie it just plain cute. Haley Joel Osment is just adorable.

Emile H (mx) wrote: As a Bowie fan, it's worth the watch. As a Jim Henson fan, it's worth seeing it all. The characters are brought to life and the sets are a visual spectacle. It takes a hell of an imagination to make it memorable, and the film did just that in the best way. We see ourselves in Jennifer Connelly, and thus we see ourselves in the film braving the journey and staring down Bowie. As a result, the ride will be just as unstable and trippy in most places as it was for her. It's a fantasy film that will forever be etched in our minds.

Janetta B (au) wrote: I have always loved Nick Nolte......

Badre B (nl) wrote: One of decent US adaptations based on an Manga/Anime property and it's not as bad people make it out to be.

conny c (mx) wrote: Two Turkish anti-terrorist agents are sent to New York City on a mission to find and bring back the dangerous Islamic terrorist: DAJJAL, believed to be hiding there. Working with the FBI and NYPD, the agents orchestrate the arrest of Hadji Gumus, a well-respected Muslim scholar and family man who years before fled to the United States after being released from a Turkish prison, where he served time for murder. This tale of love, friendship, peace and prejudices, takes us on a journey seeking to answer the question of whether innocence or guilt even matters to one who lusts for vengeance.

Tor M (kr) wrote: Mel Gibson as a professional crook end up in a mexican prison of some sort. He shapeshifts around and ends up with a high rank and he basicly achieve everything he want. Of course there is a girl involved, togheter with guns, cash and the usual stuff. It's something else here, taking up much of the plot, but I won't give it away. It never works that great anyhow.I never really feel entertained, I want some more substance. I don't know the characters, I don't care about them. No one else does either it seem. They, especially Gibson, can do everything he want to. It seem way to easy, and I don't buy it. Gibson is back in shape and the film looks all right, but that's about it. Not a memorable film.4 out of 10 livers.

Colin W (gb) wrote: Decent easy watching