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Mallorca Zombie

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Matt D (gb) wrote: Follow up of Restrepo. Well done.

Glenda Marie A (es) wrote: One of the worst dance movies I've ever seen. The opening scene of the movie might lure you to watch the rest of it but just a friendly caveat, don't watch it lest you get disappointed. The plot, cinematography, and even the actors were bad. The characters didn't seem credible, at all. In a nutshell, the movie is very amature.

Moana Lisa (jp) wrote: Just watched and this is a great movie about a true story of a abused woman who kills her asshole husband..LOVED IT!!!!

Dex W (au) wrote: This is the greatest movie ever.

Jim H (fr) wrote: A dysfunctional family gathers for the patriarch's funeral.With the characters' convoluted plotlines, even a trite voice over and an awkward framing narrative can't save this film. By the time I figured out who wanted what, who was related in to whom, and what the histories of all of these relationships were, I realized I didn't care about this people and they didn't care about each other.I liked Zooey Deschanel's performance; she seemed at home in the awkwardness, realizing that understatement is key to this kind of comedy. Ray Romano's goofy mustache makes it impossible to take him seriously even in his more dramatic scenes.Overall, this dramedy isn't a waste of time, but it's close.

Eric M (nl) wrote: One of the least funny comedies I have ever seen.

Mike W (de) wrote: Yeah baby Austin has done it again!

miranda p (gb) wrote: love this movie. it has reggae, poverty, sex, violence, crime and best o all jamacain dancing!!!

Steve M (ru) wrote: An entertaining and effective story about life balance. Even if it does feature the actress with the annoying squeaking drone-like voice.

Victor M (jp) wrote: an incredibly underrated classic

James P (ru) wrote: Stupid melodramas are so much fun.

Brandon C (it) wrote: Slightly better than Saludos Amigos! The animation is around the same quality as the old Disney cartoon shorts, but The Three Caballeros is a fun movie.

Daniel M (it) wrote: Just watched it after so many years and in was still very enjoyable. Great story and wonderful performances from everyone in the film. 5/5

Lilianetty l (ca) wrote: No doubt Hannibal was a child with a huge trauma since he saw his sister getting eaten alive/killed (to survive at war, humans [lunatic veterans who people keep calling heroes] not only ate animals but themselves too, to keep living since the weather wasn't helping at the time either, super cold). Also he saw his parents deaths [2nd WW]. When he grew up all that anger was there and someone (his love interest) who was supposed to help him take that anger away to be a good man, transformed him to the evil Hannibal we all know. Based on books, this adaptation is not so bad, but is so cruel, I dislike it a bit (killing humans coz they killed your family is no reason to be like them and do the same. Sometimes to forgive is better). Anyway, the Hopking's films are better since they are classics but need to love them, as art yes, as advice to live on this Enjoy.

Rangan R (es) wrote: A man's mistake fixed by his wife with a pleasure.The latest dark comedy, which has the two inconsistent actors in the lead. Well, I liked their performance, they competed each others to steal the show in their unique characters. I enjoyed watching it in parts, but frankly I am disappointed for this potential theme was misused for ineffectual narration.Looks like inspired by 'Serial Mom'. When a little, strange but a happy family who are living by the storybook of their own was threatened by the dark side of the life, they are ready to jump into the hell to save it. They have ignited it, but the only concern is how to end it all for good.Other than IMDb where it stands average, the movie was slammed very badly by the critics and moviegoers. I have seen even worse than this one. So to me it is an average except the end, otherwise below average. Yes, the conclusion was terrible, seems like they don't want a continuation. I mean they wanted to end it all here itself. It is a watchable, but simply not the best one.6/10

Laura L (es) wrote: The secondary characters (New York City included) almost outshine the two leads, and that's saying something. A real treasure.