Malpertuis is the name of an old, rambling mansion which is in reality a labyrinth where characters from Greek mythology are imprisoned by the bedridden Cassavius (Welles). He manages to keep them (as well as his nephew and niece) prisoners even after his death, through a binding testament. As Jan, the nephew, (Carrière) unravels the mystery, he discovers that he cannot escape the house because Malpertuis is far more significant than he was led to believe.

Malpertuis is a labyrinth where characters issued from the Greek mythology are made prisoners by Cassavius. He manages to keep them (as well as his nephew and niece) as prisoners even after... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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f y (us) wrote: I love the book and the movie

Tyler J (au) wrote: This Movie Despicable Me 2 Was Great But I Really Loved that They Put Kristen Wiig In This Film It Was Cool!

Justin A (gb) wrote: My kids loved it, otherwise, not my type of movie.

Al M (gb) wrote: This movie has some stylistic flourishes and an interesting, if slightly derivative, premise. I admire its independent spirit in creating a claustrophobic situation and sticking with it. Unfortunately, the film is completely boring, and its moments of style and creepiness cannot save it from being a snooze-fest. The film obviously had potential, but whatever Penny Dreadful could have been, it ultimately ended up just being dreadful.

Greg N (nl) wrote: So, Monica Bellucci, for reasons known only to her, decides to glam it down, which I will be the first to ask why, adopt a cute eskimo child, get attacked by shape shifting people who might have ancient, eskimo magic powers, watches Catherine Deneuve turn into a bear before...of course...Catherine tried to start the apocalpyse by killing the afore mentioned adorable eskimo child, and finally for reasons again only known to Monica...Monica finally gets naked, which might I also say impressed, and has a naked Eskimo, which was mostly terrifying, shake a dead ferret over her which cures her cancer. I still love you Monica but this movie was retarded and even with all of the above stuff happening somehow boring as hell.

Joaqun S (ca) wrote: Lars lo hace bien... es dogma en su mxima expresin y eso pens que me poda molestar pero al contrario no pasa nada. La historia tiene avance, es buena e interesante... sin embargo no es formidable.

John B (au) wrote: A good if not great film about the Cuban crisis. Bruce Greenwood and Steven Culp are excelllent Kennedy brothers..and Costner? Well, he might as well have stayed off screen. His Ken O'Donnell is annoying at best and adds nothing to the plot.

Jiri B (nl) wrote: Boring and long winded. Morgan Freeman is a great actor, but can't save this disaster of a film.

Tommy See the Treasure S (kr) wrote: One of Richard Linklater's earliest projects, Slacker does not quite have the maturity and sureness of some of his later movies, but it's still an interesting watch. I found it fascinating to see Linklater's early exploration of themes and directorial styles he would come to master in his later career. So it's about.. Hmm. Well, that's a rather difficult question. It's about nothing really. It's utterly, uniquely singularly, plotless. Essentially it follows the course of one day in Austin, Texas and stumbles across a group of random characters along the way. The movie is filmed in a very loose, surrealist style in which the camera follows a certain character for a certain duration of time, before spinning off to follow someone else. In the process, we meet a variety of interesting locals, including conspiracy theorists, looneys, students, criminals, idlers, kleptomaniacs, those who want to make a difference in the world, those who couldn't care less etc. We rarely get to know these characters very well and they are sometimes introduced and dismissed at the drop of a hat. Linklater is a director with a great respect for characters. He likes to observe human behaviour. We see his early interest in very long shots of natural discussions, the type of shots he would later implement in movies such as his Before Trilogy. Some of the discussions are fascinating, others consist of pseudo-intellectual jargon. They are often hilarious, such as when two stoners discuss modern values and the control of the media, using the framework of Scooby Doo and the Smurfs. Linklater does not discriminate between these characters. He is interested in human behaviour in general, and his camera tentatively follows a range of different people with different goals and different ideologies. The movie doesn't really go anywhere, and that's kind of the point. The movie captures a sense of general aimlessness and indecision. Linklater also seems interested in the communicative, ideological gap between people. In a humorous early scene a feverish young man(played by Linklater) relates his ideas on parallel worlds to a wholly disinterested taxi-driver. In another scene a conspiracy theorist tries to engage a clearly uninterested woman in a discussion on the JFK assassination. And yet, there are unlikely connections between people, such as a bizarre scene in which a thief bonds with his elderly victim. Above all else, the movie captures the surreal yet authentic quality of the everyday. It reminded me quite a bit of Robert Altman's classic, Nashville. Both movies are very inclusive, covering a vast assortment of colourful, eccentric, and at times unsettling characters. Both are intensely interested in human behaviour and interaction. The only issue I have with the movie is that, for a movie that's basically about nothing, it's a bit too long. Nonetheless, it's a very raw and interesting piece of work, and a must-see for fans of Richard Linklater.

CJ C (us) wrote: And they call him "vagina face" lol.Best of the Shochiku films (on Criterion.) A turtle-necked terrorist becomes possessed by an alien blob that turns him into a vampire. So funny.

Sean P (us) wrote: At first glance looks really promising, Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth. All based on a true shocking crime story that rock America. Three little boys fail to return home after going out to play - a neighborhood searches. The following day three Bodies are found dumped in a ditch. In a rush to get answers, the police stumble, miss vital clues and evidence. Media raises fear the occult - conclusions are jumped to , and very quickly three local misfits are picked up and questioned. Quickly the locals turn on the lads and imaginations run wild fueling the stampede for justice. A confession is obtained and the Police start to focus on linking the three boys. The confession is later retracted and is full of factual errors. However minds are set fast. A trial is held. The movie cover the events before and during the trail. The story need to be told. It smells of rough justice. However it is not presented in either a compelling or a dramatic sense. It's a mix/match of events, someOf which are superfluous to the plot. It just loses it way. Its watchable, and interesting - but it far from compelling. As has been said, it's a made for television Film, that will be prefect for a wet Friday afternoon. Sorry to say nothing special to recommend. Its just plain dull.

Borhan K (mx) wrote: Another Van Damme Oldie but goodie. Reminded me of a western action flick. In regards to notable other actors it has the guy from the First Mummy movie the undead Mummy bad guy and all. He has a South African accent.Ohh and it is one of John Woo early movie he brought you other movies like Face Off.Not a kiddie flick but enjoyable for the oldies :)