Mama is boos!

Mama is boos!

After Gisberts couple at the end of the film Schatjes! with their car in a large hole in the highway driving, which is then surfaced, the film begins with the father's wake, which appears to have dreamed all this. Although the children are sent to shelters, is the tense relationship between John and Danny. This will culminate in their 20-year wedding anniversary. Danny throw John out of the house, because John had a mistress for years. John then pulls on the military base where he works. But not for long. Soon John gets an affair with his mistress Jane. Until Danny's rage, now is really out for revenge. The marital strife comes to a climax on the scale NATO show where Danny enters with an Uzi and shoot wildly around him, while John high from the ceiling in a rocket. The title song 'Do not Try To Change Me "is sung by Sue Chaloner.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:1986
  • Language:Dutch
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dog,   adultery,   car,  

Nadat het echtpaar Gisberts aan het einde van de film Schatjes! met hun auto in een groot gat van de snelweg rijden, dat vervolgens geasfalteerd wordt, begint de film met het wakker worden van de vader, die blijkt dit alles gedroomd te hebben. Ondanks dat de kinderen naar opvanghuizen worden gestuurd, is nu de verhouding tussen John en Danny gespannen. Dit komt tot uitbarsting op hun 20-jarige huwelijksjubileum. Danny gooit John het huis uit, omdat John jarenlang een minnares had. John trekt vervolgens in op de militaire basis waar hij werkt. Maar niet voor lang. Al gauw krijgt John een verhouding met Jane zijn minnares. Dit tot Danny's woede, die nu echt op wraak uit is. De echtelijke ruzie komt tot een climax op de grootschalige show van de NAVO waar Danny met een Uzi binnenkomt en wild om zich heen schiet, terwijl John hoog aan het plafond hangt in een raket. De titelsong 'Don't Try To Change Me' wordt gezongen door Sue Chaloner. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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javier l (it) wrote: reminds me of my friend

Rohan B (br) wrote: fantastic, plot was confusing, but great action

Nahtanha V (ag) wrote: This is a Wonderfully funny film with a great story line and a wonderful heroin

Marc S (gb) wrote: There are too many problems with this movie, but it's greatest problem is that it is all too forgettable. The Story: What story? Two goth "wannabe's" get picked up outside a crappy set by what looks like to be a crack addict after a thwarted attempt to be robbed by a the worst goons on the planet. Taken on a ride in her van, they are given a night they will never forget. ..but I forgot it 20 minutes later. They know little to nothing about the goth culture. Characters: The main girl looks like she went to hot topic with a 20 dollar budget and the other chick looks like she brought the Courtney Love Zombie Kit from a Costume Shop. Acting: I've never heard of these actors/actresses and I don't expect to either. This wasn't film school bad. This wasn't even Christian 'Hell House' bad. This is home video bad. I'm talking about 3 or 4 friends coming up with an idea, putting about 200 bucks behind it, and writing the script (about a subject they know nothing about mind you!)as they went along. The Effects and Cinematography: The gore is terrible. Blood comes out of the handles of knives magically. Blades are held in awkwardly to show obvious flaws in stabbing effects. This was shot with a HD(possibly) Home Video Camera. Every indoor set looks like it's in someone's apartment. They use drapes and colored floor lamps to try to create a club scene. (...Yes, they actually did.) The outside scenes are lit horribly. The weird part is they seem to capture too much. During painful to watch fight scenes you see the blatant pulled punches and easily escaped holds. In one scene a character wrestles with someone with a gun.Two shots is fired, it goes off pointed away from everybody in the room, and yet two people are shot. Other Notes: If you can't see what's coming at the end then you'll probably like this film... which speaks volumes about your taste. This movie wasn't the worst I've seen from the dregs of horrible but it's pretty far down there. Watch it for a laugh. Oh and the three sex scenes are the fakest things I've seen in quite a while.

Michelle G (de) wrote: Awesome movie. And the guy was so cute and sweet. Aw so cute. Loved the whole giant cockroaches. So cool. Glad that they all survived. That mom was a slut, but she died so who cares. I just wish that it was a longer movie.

b e (es) wrote: No budget supernatural mayhem with Ken Sagoes. Delightful cheesy.

Patrick M (gb) wrote: Damn good monster movie. Some great fights and outstanding destruction. One of the best Godzilla movies.

Eliabeth S (ca) wrote: Oh Jimmy Stewart, how I aspire to be you. Exciting story but definitely could've done without the narrator at the beginning/end...should've been a little more organic and a little less formal/documentary-esque.

Ruth L (fr) wrote: Abbott & Costello actually share the top billing with Powell, who isn't half bad.

Mark R (ag) wrote: Two thumbs (& one other body part) up

Tiago G (ag) wrote: Fargo is a gift of great directing by the Coen Brothers, with subtle but amazing editing, stunning visual narrative through its snowy landscapes but most of all a whimsical script that made the actors shine with funny and quirky dialogs and visceral violence that somehow always end up in a Coen's film without ever feeling cheap or overused.

David P (gb) wrote: Nice 1920s futurist stuff. Directed by a Kiwi incidentally. Engaging plot and lots of style.

Michael M (kr) wrote: There is a lot to admire about this movie. It follows the spirit of creature features from the 70s and 80s, and even makes exclusive use of practical effects for it's creatures. The environment is cold, barren, and clausterphobic, and you get a good sense of what the crew of this ship is probably feeling. It has that beautiful ugliness I love to see in film, and while not much happens for the first half of the movie, I still enjoyed the environment and feeling enough.The problem is there just isn't that much to this movie. I never really grew too attached to any of the characters. There were characters I enjoyed, but I was never really that broken up when any of them died. It moves at a leisurely pace for the most part, and when the monster action goes down it frequently happens so fast or is so dark there's no way to really enjoy it. When we can see the monster, it looks stellar, but we so seldom get a chance to really look at it. The plot is also lacking, in that it's barely there. Stuff just sort of happens, and the movie ends on such a nihilistic tone it sort of leaves you feeling gloomy and hopeless.Harbinger Down will probably go down as an interesting novelty of a film. If you have the time to kill and you enjoy this sort of thing, you'll find some enjoyment in it. There were things about it I liked, but you really have to be into this sort of thing. I don't know if it's a movie I'll be revisiting, but I'm glad I saw it for the sake of the stuff that worked.