Mama & Me

Mama & Me

A man travels across country to search for his family's history...and discovers his mothers illness.

A man travels across country to search for his family's history...and discovers his mothers illness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phil A (au) wrote: Dommage je trouve qu'il manque quelque chose cette com (C)die... Pas mal quand mme Jean-paul Rouve (Dagobert) Chef NANOPHOBE de la rebellion dans l'avion....

James H (nl) wrote: Poor special effects, bland acting and the fact that it is a direct rip-off of Twister, released the same year, prevent this film from being entertaining. Predictable, the score is overdone and it has too much dramatics leading to slow stretches.

Nicky M (br) wrote: Low budget badness. Bad acting. Lots of naked women lol.

Michael C (gb) wrote: Very weird horror/supernatural thriller set entirely in a jail cell. Creepy and well executed, another one for those looking for something different.

Rebecca C (au) wrote: *Sigh* I watched the sequel when I was younger. And it sucks balls. The original is far superior. The sequel sucks donkey balls to the max. That is all.

Alec B (gb) wrote: Not great, but at least it's got enough thrilling moments (The attack on the motorcade, the missile launch, etc.) to make the long running time worth it.

Francisco M (ru) wrote: so romanticbest scene: getting Meg Ryan to rehab

Chris M (au) wrote: I remember seeing the cover of this movie at the video store back in early 2000 and laughed at how idiotic it looked. But if the cover of this thing and the premise didn't turn me off from this, I'm pretty sure Peter O'Toole in top billing is. I mean come on! He's better than this!

Mary B (gb) wrote: Highly underrated film, in my opinion. Delightful symbolism, a great story full of hope and joy, and a chemistry between Tom Hank and Meg Ryan that they've yet to match.

Private U (kr) wrote: Awesome movie...!!!!!!!

Francisco F (fr) wrote: L'un des meilleurs roles de Depardieu.

Charlie M (fr) wrote: Reynolds as a stunt man in this typical 70s comedy.

Evan H (kr) wrote: This movie is different from other romantic movies. It doesn't have a happy ending. It leaves you shedding a tear. It's a tear-jerker and Sandy Dennis does a good job bringing the viewer into this screenplay. She makes you feel for her character "Sara", who is emotionally detached and has to have a beginning and end to a relationship, without the regrets or drama, keeping it within a month. This movie is really touching and shouldn't be missed!

dan b (kr) wrote: If you can make it thru the first half hour in which nothing happens you're in for a "So Bad It's Good" treat. This movie has some of the silliest death scenes i've ever seen.