Mamay draws on traditional Ukranian and Tatar folktales for its Romeo and Juliet-like love story and parable about chivalry and the struggle for freedom. Hundreds of years ago, in the wild steppes of Crimea that form an uneasy border between East and West, Europe and Asia, nomad and farmer, the proud Cossack Mamay falls in love with the Tatar beauty Omai. The title, like the storyline, holds a variety of different meanings taken from different cultures. In Turkic languages, it means "no one," but it was also the name of a famous Mongol conqueror, the great grandson of Ghengis-Khan. In Persian legends, mamay literally means "the spirit of the steppes. "

Mamay draws on traditional Ukranian and Tatar folktales for its Romeo and Juliet-like love story and parable about chivalry and the struggle for freedom. Hundreds of years ago, in the wild ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sumanjit R (br) wrote: The movie starts with a promising plot of modern day Bonnie and Clyde but unfortunately loses its way in the last 30 mins and felt dragged and deviated.

Jack K (nl) wrote: As a fan of Malcolm McDowell, I really enjoyed his performance as The Employer. He's equal parts creepy and funny as he interviews his unlucky candidates.

Taufik A (ag) wrote: keep u'r lover close,keep u'r sister closest,even if for the next life...,another beautifull movie from Taiwan,the relationship between Michelle and Ivy Chen is wonderful,their acting is a top notch and absolutely stunning,both of them deliver us the real bond between sisters that will melt your heart,The Taiwanese Goddess's (michelle chen,i mean) performance is as awesome as her movie i've seen before(You're the Apple of My Eye),Silentness isn't empty,sometimes it speaks louder beyond words...

Peter C (kr) wrote: They did a pretty good job, it is a little rough on editing and camera, but they were working clearly working on a budget, the writing was just as good as any studio film. And the acting good. I agree I did enjoy the play between the various characters it Tiffany and Struckmann did a pretty damn funny job at times. Well done.

Matthew A (au) wrote: sincere film that deals with faith on basic levels from faith in tooth fairy to faith on football teams. went close to the bone. Thought Sacha Horler was excellent..

Ryan C (us) wrote: Based on the emotional true events of Marshall University recovering after a tragic plane crash that took the lives of many players and staff, "We Are Marshall" powers through the tears thanks to a gleaming performance by Matthew McConaughey. However, it falls victim to the typical sports movie clichs which unfortunately distracts the audience from what it was intended to do: memorialize the 37 players who died in 1970.

Jason D (mx) wrote: Dead and Gone is about a sexy stud (the wooden Quentin Jones) who moves out to a haunted cabin that was built on ancient burial ground and makes people go insane (hence the opening scene). An interesting point in the story has Jones' character moving out there to take care of his comatose wife (whom I thought was Sean Young the whole time, but was actually Kathrine Bates). We start to learn that Jones is no good and his character becomes increasing worse as the cabin (and his ghost wife) continues to spook him. That's when the murders start happening. The movie as a whole is dull, which is a shame, because the story is interesting. There are a bevy of cameos in this film, including Ben Moody (used to be part of Evanescence), Zach Ward (Transformers), Kyle Gass (Tenacious D), Marilyn Ghigliotti (Veronica from Clerks), and my beloved Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp). The best parts of the film were scenes that involved Rose's character, which were mainly phone conversations and one fun scene midway through the end credits. Other than that (and Gillian Shure's perky titties), this film is uninteresting. Nice try though.

dfw f (us) wrote: Tulpan (2008) Winner of the Un Certain Regard award this year at the Cannes Film Festival, the fast disappearing world of nomadic sheep herders in Kazakhstan is dramatized in the part fictional, part documentary film Tulpan. This film almost presents us the slow decline of the nomadic sheepherding lifestyle on the steppes of Central Asia. Tulpan is the story of an ex-sailor seeking to marry the only available woman in the area to fulfill his dream of tending his own flock. The narrative, however, is secondary to the dramatic on-camera birth of a lamb and the spectacular scenery of the steppes. Much of the film takes place in the tent house called a yurt that is shared by Asa (Askhat Kuchinchirekov), his brother-in-law Ondas (Ondasyn Besikbasov), his older sister Samal (Samal Yeslyamova), and three children. Its flat, dusty, dry plains are reminiscent of parts of outback Australia but are even more remote. The movie was shot 500 km from the nearest city Chimkent. It is harsh and unforgiving with powerful dust storms dominating the environment. Most of the interior scenes take place in traditional tent houses called jurtes. The family is close in every sense of the word. Asa's sister Samal (Samal Esljamova) and Ondas (Ondas Besikbasov) and their three children share their home with him. Some of the most touching scenes involve singing within the intimacy of the family group. The tiny domestic space is not the only cause of tension. Ondas is particularly tough on his brother-in-law Asa, perhaps because of the incredibly strong bonds between brother and sister. is part ethnographic travelogue, part family drama and coming-of-age story, part goofy romance. Dvortsevoy is using his appealing nonprofessional cast, and the possibility of a successful romantic conclusion, to package an extraordinarily photographed handheld docudrama about a way of life that is none too slowly vanishing. Tulpan herself is a chimera, much talked about but never seen. The director has applied his gifts for authenticity and naturalism to create a tender, unforgettable comedy about a vanishing way of life. This is a fascinating film. One of the many joys of cinema is its ability to offer audiences a glimpse into a culture that they otherwise may never experience firsthand. Be sure and read the village voice review. 5 stars highly recommended.

Yuvnesh M (jp) wrote: Amazing story set in a time when India as a country was struggling to find its true identity. Characters were perfectly setup and played. Only negative criticism is that they made the movie a bit too smash mouthed, which was digestable.

Graceann M (es) wrote: Don't remember a thing about it.

Anthony D (us) wrote: Cliche, corny, predictable, and in many parts wholly unrealistic, despite the film's claim to be based on a (I suspect greatly embellished) true story. Has that Disney touch to it and the acting is not that bad but it really does very little to inspire a person who is trying to build his or her testimony and faith. Clearly this film is more meant to inspire missionaries who face tremendous challenges in the field. I appreciate the adult themes and situations in it, but still, it could have been a whole lot better. Also, a Mormon missionary who apparently teaches only from the Bible and not from the Book of Mormon is a pretty bad missionary in my opinion.

N K (us) wrote: 5/5. Amazing film, amazing story. One of the Indian cinema's best.

Grace L (au) wrote: This movie was a cinematic masterpiece. Inspiring kids to become masters and the best that they can be in life since 2000. #Pokemon20

Beth E (nl) wrote: I'm not a big chick flick fan or religious at all, but this was decent. Exceptionally creative and heart-wrenching story for its genre. A memorable ending.

Nick P (es) wrote: Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson brings this movie alive with its tightly capturing story and witty romance.

Kathryn R (br) wrote: Campy and amusing for its lacklustre, overly dramatic acting and storyline.

Aarn B (it) wrote: The first full length silent film ive ever seen, not quite as tollerant as the subject matter, it seemed to be slightly preachy at times but then again it was a long time ago and things like that did happen then, but it was still a great experience, before I knew It I was imagining the voices and lip reading, it was amazing how much you can get across without alot of dialogue. The story is a tragic one at times, its a nice story of young love and imprisonment in brutal times. I think I prefered it without words, it didnt seem so fluffy like the "talkies" which was nice, and all the characters has attitude anyway because of the times, I was quite amazed by some of fire scenes since they were filming in a burning building without the help of special effects or even stunt doubles it seemed, and for a very long scene must of been heavily choreographed, who would of thought that this film was made nearly 80 years ago!

Andrew M (fr) wrote: Visually and mentally chilling, Pi is a haunting and intelligent, if not occassionally scattershot, directorial debut for renowned filmmaker Darren Aronofsky.

Jesse O (ru) wrote: This movie wasn't as bad as I was led to believe. It still wasn't the best comedy by any shot. It was boring during some parts, it picked up at the end during the chase scene with the big Samoan guy. I really don't remember much of the movie but I remember that it's not bad at all. I would rather have seen Clerks 2 buuuuuuuut my friends had to oppose me (well one didn't ). Oh well next time. Above average movie.

Lucas Y (ru) wrote: The few people that have probably seen this will tell you it sucks. Sure there's a lack of direction. The editing is pretty awful. And the ending is predictable, but from everything I've gathered as a film lover, Summer Lovers is simply a mindless fantasy that I really enjoyed. The synergy created between the beautiful cinematography & lush Greek scenery, along with an attractive cast make this a more mature examination of a sexual revolution. Peter Gallagher who I've never seen in a lead role is awesome as the newlywed to Daryl Hannah (who's very hot & very naked throughout this movie) who meet a free spirited Greek girl & the three of them become a family. Fair warning though, if you're uptight you probably won't like this. And after watching this I decided I'd like to see Peter Gallagher team with Adrian Grenier in a father/son movie. Or he can make a guest appearance on Entourage. That would be cool too.