Mambo Mouth

Mambo Mouth

John Leguizamo's award winning one man stage performance as several different characters.

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Catherine S (nl) wrote: When it comes to movies I'm part of the camp that says the worst offense a movie can pull is to be absolutely forgettable. Nothing is worse than watching a film that could be longer than 2 hours and completely forgetting about it five minutes later.Rosewood Lane is one of those films, following the usual thriller cliches and storyline with passable acting and decent production, but adding nothing to the genre. And what it does add is less interesting and potentially frightening and more silly and stupid.After the passing of her father in a mysterious accident, a woman moves back into her childhood home to settle affairs. As she stays there she is tormented by a psychotic paper boy that she has to stop before he kills all her friends.That's it. There's really no suspense or intrigue as the film completely misses the point of a thriller: to build a sense of doubt and thus scare the audience into a state of fear. They make it painfully obvious that the paperboy is behind all of the odd crimes and murders that occur within the film and not enough is left vague to build any sort of doubt about whether this woman is telling the truth or if she's going crazy. Because of this, we the audience are left twidling our thumbs and waiting for the inevitable conclusion of the paperboy meeting his end/getting arrested, feeling annoyed and frustrated at the authority figures in the movie throwing suspicion towards the woman when there are countless witnesses and inrefutable evidence towards who committed the crimes.While that is one of the greatest points of failure this film has, it also fails in multiple other areas. Acting wise and production wise the film is sub-standard. The actors do their job servicably but none stand out enough to really warrant any sort of deep thought or even commendation. Or even the mere action of remembering they were in this movie. The only actor that stands out even a little is the paperboy's actor, but he more stands out by how awful he is at commanding a frightening presence. His usage of nursery rhymes, had they been placed into the hands of a more experienced writer, could have created an eerie tone. But as it stands, it's just laughable and it makes you wonder why the woman hasn't just hit him with her car or bashed him with her trusty baseball bat. (And on a side note, how old is this kid supposed to be? The language the actors use seem to suggest he's in his early teens, but the actor looks almost thirty.) Production wise this film looks like a television movie from the early 2000's, down to the presentation of the opening credits. Again, not awful, but definitely lackluster.Though if I must say my biggest gripe about the movie is its disregard for subplots and the outcomes of its characters. It never gives us a solid resolution to how a character dies or if they live at the end of the film (nearly all the characters that die in the film we never see their bodies and our main character's arc never receives any closure). It disregards these points to give us, admittedly, a fairly decent twist at the end that was most likely used to set up sequel films, but this film doesn't deserve or need any sequels.If you like to be bored watching a movie or if you want to see how a thriller film can be done wrong, go ahead and watch Rosewood Lane it will satisfy those needs perfectly. However if you actually want to watch something decent or even a film that's "so bad it's good", look elsewhere. Rosewood Lane only falls in that awkward area of "not bad enough to be so bad it's good, but not good enough to be decent" and will just give you a decent reason to take a long nap.

Dave C (ru) wrote: This is a film of absolute substance about the woman hired by The New Yorker to cover the rial in Israel of Eichmann.While all around her are clambering to be told that he was the complete devil, she refers to him as a "nobody", a bureaucrat with not interest outside the operation of his department.This leads to her most famous quote, that of "the banality of evil".The film is unglamorous and straightforward.It is unflattering and it remains in your mind.The idea that ordinary people will simply do as they are told... just obey orders... especially if they have sworn to be part of an organisation (be it military, national or bureaucratic) is one that has become a major part of life through the second half of the 20th century and we still reap the results.See the film. It is good to see such unflinching intelligence.

Abby D (ag) wrote: I loved that this movie was funny and scary! It was so much fun to watch!

bill s (ca) wrote: Turned into a 80s style chase her down schlocker.....just never delivers when it had too.

Arend K (kr) wrote: This film holds it own amongst the Japanese Anime crowd.A chilling story that will captivate you emotionally.

Steven M (jp) wrote: I thought Streisand was awesome I'm this movie. But the plot hurts her performance, as it seems a bit indulgent. Still I recommend it.

kathleen p (ca) wrote: Everything was rushed in this film. Bob (Tony Curtis) and Helen (Natalie Wood) fell in love so quickly that was really no basis for their relationship, besides their appreciation for each other's physical beauty. Sex and the Single Girl is not as romantic as one may perceive. Its a romantic comedy that focuses more on the comical elements only to end up falling flat. Its funny that the car chase at the end happened to be a hundred times longer than Bob and Helen's reconciliation at the end. Sure the movie has a great cast, but I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone I know.

Michael D (ag) wrote: One of those rare films that opens your mind to the limitless possibilities of cinema as an art form.

Paul D (us) wrote: Alastair Sim is underused in this crime drama that isn't exactly for kids but contains a strong youthful element. He does make his present felt when he is in a scene, sadly the ones he's not in are mostly ordinary.

Douglas L (it) wrote: Short and sweet. Im a sucker for violent cartoons. I dont really like vampires but this is a cool acceptation.

Jerry J (nl) wrote: 15 minutes news feature becoming a repetitive documentary. The contents is a known problem, nothing new, and the film is bored to dead.