Mami Blue

Mami Blue


A young Honduran immigrant and a mother, whose son wants to confine her in a residence, decide to go to Huelva. During the trip they are forced to run away from several pursuers, attack a service station, face the Guardia Civil and meet a false Englishman who changes their lives. Nevertheless, their goal is to arrive to a nightclub called Mami Blue, venue of an unexpected end. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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1 (us) wrote: Good movie, different story though. This movie should not carry the Belly name.

Abel D (it) wrote: Gritty, stylish and relentless, 'Kane' displays its pulpy badge with pride. Efficent use of what is a small budget by typical action fare standards, and a commanding performance from Purefoy, certainly help.

Livyu L (ru) wrote: destul de bun filmul , trebuia sa ma uit in timpul noptii poate ma speriam mai tare , e ok

DC F (it) wrote: Good Irish mob movie with a suspenseful attitude and decent acting.

F B (nl) wrote: Started watching it but not my type of film so stopped. Would appeal to Dr Who fans primarily

Laird J (nl) wrote: Ralph Baikshi's movies are like nothing else, and this odd attempt at relating the Post-WWII "black" experience is no exception. Animation and live-action are mixed as freely as political satire and political incorrectness. At times brilliant and at times loathsome, the movie is difficult to pin down as much else other than "entertaining." As far as stylized blaxploitation goes, this is near the top, if not in a class of its own.

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Gianluca S (au) wrote: Carino, molto ingenuo, poco originale, ma ti prende e ti affascina.

Will C (fr) wrote: THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME

David D (mx) wrote: More a romantic amusement than a romantic comedy. A few parts are laugh out loud funny but much of this film will just make you smile. While there are a bunch of well written and very well enacted supporting roles, the film really revolves around and is carried by the two characters played by Vera Farmiga and Andy Garcia. And those two characters are superbly played. You wont laugh yourself silly watching this movie but, if you are at all like me, you will thoroughly enjoy it.