Mamma mia, che impressione!

Mamma mia, che impressione!

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Mamma mia, che impressione! torrent reviews

Tony D (jp) wrote: ZERO stars. I vote this the most unwatchable film of the decade, I turned it off half way through, blue sunny Sky's in the middle of a big storm, special effects were made in a bath tub, acting, well, no comment, I will watch almost anything, this, beats the worst film by far, better watching paint drying, please save the pain, go play a game of cards or something. ( I never felt the need to write about a film before)

Vessela D (jp) wrote: Nothing special...:(

Demon C (jp) wrote: Under the Mountain Review*CONTAINS SPOILERS THAT WERE SPOILED IN THE TRAILER*Under the Mountain is a movie that needs to burn in the fiery pits of Rangitoto. This movie is an adaption of the 1979 book of the same title by Maurice Gee. The plot is that the world is going to end from New Zealand because of the aliens known as the Wilberforce's a sluggish alien that destroys worlds. The only people that can stop it are two twins with the power of a magical rock that shoots fire at people when their faith in each other is strong enough (Sounds silly doesn't it). With cringe worthy acting and bad special effects, anyone and everyone should avoid this New Zealand flick.The acting in Under the Mountain is pitiful as it is unbelievable and fake and the movie doesn't have any memorable characters. The twins Theo and Rachel themselves show no signs of emotion. They would often say something sad or happy but their faces wouldn't match. Also the "kiwi" accent here is really distracting and often makes a serious scene funnier than it really is (Saying this as a kiwi). The best actors in this film are the evil Wilberforce's whose creepy nature comes across really well through some great actors. The $5 million budget could have been thrown into a volcano for all anyone cares because it was a total failure. This is because the visual effects in this movie will make you pull your eyes out and disinfect them with fire! Some keys moments are when the twins start shooting fire out of a rock that looks like an enlarged mint of some description. The fire effect that comes out of the rock is nothing spectacular and should have been improved. Towards the end of the film the twins are set alight burn, well not really as the fire effect looks like it as pulled out of an early to late 90s adventure film. The worst visual effect in the film is towards the end when the (NON-INTERESTING SPOILER ALERT INCOMING) volcanoes shoot some sort of fire (The never explained). This effect looks like a quick Photoshop job as no animation is involved.In conclusion, after you watch this movie say goodbye to your loved ones as you'll fall into the fiery pits of your deepest nightmares. This movie should and needs to be avoided because the terrible acting and special effects will make you cringe in pain, don't support this movie because in the future we don't want to get any off-spring from this gigantuar of a fail film!

Daniel H (es) wrote: :fresh: [CENTER]This should have an award for Best Story on this one![/CENTER]

Adam R (ru) wrote: A dumb comedy with Larry the Cable Guy's typical humor, but it was watchable. I've seen much worse. (First and only viewing - In my mid-twenties)

Todd L (ru) wrote: Caveziel works in this 80s retread

Graham M (br) wrote: Weaver plays the villain brilliantly, meaning you are far more likely to be rooting for her than the dull heroine and her equally uninteresting allies.

Phillie E (au) wrote: It was enjoyable to see Hamill in something other than Star Wars; and Annie Potts is smokin' hot in this flick.

Tim B (nl) wrote: ;) fun, mysterious romp through the casinos and quays of Colonial Macao. Jane Russell isn't much of a singer but Mitchum is in top form. Erroneously categorized as [i]Noir[/i]. Pleasant, mellow paced time passer. Nice.

Tyler H (au) wrote: A fun story with a clever message about appreciating the old and the new.

Lori T (us) wrote: Too long, teetering on boring.

Joanof A (de) wrote: "trees in the cities, garbage in the forest. whats the big difference"- KurtI am looking for something new in a film, and gladly i find it in here.

shane g (br) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It's not often where one person writes, directs and stars in a movie (I.e. The Room) that is actually good all around. The cinematography is there absolutely. I mean, the scene right after Cash fights the large Indian fellow was, and I don't know how else to describe it, striking. The acting was really good, too. All the actors did a really good job, but I have to say that I will forever love Tim Murphy because he always knows how to play the least likeable bad guy; and is usually directly responsible for the death of some of my favorite characters. I'll be honest, the only real reason I took a star off, was because I have know idea who the hell is Todd. Someone, please... tell me.

Natasha W (ru) wrote: I love this movie and children enjoy watching Tinker Bell.