Anna Chen's highly jealous husband discovers that Anna has rekindled a relationship with her first love. When Anna's husband confronts her about their relationship a terrible fight ensues. ...

Anna Chen's highly jealous husband discovers that Anna has rekindled a relationship with her first love. When Anna's husband confronts her about their relationship a terrible fight ensues. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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stefano l (ca) wrote: The biggest part of this movie is marion Cotillard. All the rest is boredom.

David J (ca) wrote: If I Stay started out okay, but quickly spirals down into a sappy mess of a YA film, living off of cliches and manipulative language as opposed to anything really independent. Surprisingly, almost none of this is to the fault of star Chloe Grace-Moretz, who is pretty good playing Mia Hall, a gifted cellist who finds herself in a coma after a tragic car accident that claims the lives of her entire family. Less solid is her costar Jamie Blackley, who portrays Hall's bad-boy bf Adam.If I Stay commits the YA sin of being too slow; taking too long to get rolling. It tries to fill in the gaps with dates, musical performances, and some sappy serenades with an acoustic guitar. Despite these flaws however, teen romance fans, guys and girls, will eat this up. But if one was to examine the whole picture, its really a flashback movie culminating to a split-second decision that really isn't all that compelling.

Mel V (ag) wrote: Interesting premise, and relatively well done... until the last 2 minutes. I mean really, did they just get bored and say "ok, it's time to end this shit, just do anything"?? 6/10

Mr D (it) wrote: Still a better vampire story then Twilight. It has been compared to "Leprechaun in space" although it really isn't as funny. Coolio is putting sentenses in rhyme for no apparant reason though.Only for the comments about the crew in the beginning and constantly boasting black stereotypes. Extra points for letting a black guy die first.

Adam H (kr) wrote: Tenacious D is enlivened by its generally rewarding musical moments but this tends to be over-shadowed by the fact that it's drawn-out and unashamedly tiresome when struggling for one last passable joke, often veering into hit-and-miss territory.

MF J (ru) wrote: Awesome comedy, funny, weird but very cool. total winner!

Ryan B (au) wrote: Most boring movie I've seen from Stallone so far. From beginning to end this movie has no excitement, there was one scene where there's a shootout but that only lasts 5 minutes if that. The only reason I continued to watch it was because it was a Stallone movie, in fact I wouldn't have watched if he wasn't in it. The story is simple but the director made it so boring you almost forget what your watching. Stallone may have a lot of action films but this is definitely not one of them. The acting I think was the best part about the movie and that's kinda sad in my head, but even the acting wasn't spectacular and I get it it's an old movie and they didn't have the same technology they have today to have made it any better. In all honesty I didn't give this film my full attention, it lost my focus about half an hour into it but I did listen to it throughout the whole thing which was pretty dreadful. Bottom line is is this movie is was horrible and in no way would I ever choose to watch it again...unless I got paid to do so. Highly Unrecommended

Kent L (jp) wrote: Was pretty good. Not great, but good.

mnda C (de) wrote: hop it as good as the first

Joe A (it) wrote: Two years after Heston ruled the wasteland as The Omega Man, he returned to the bleak future scenario with another film classic, Soylent Green. The film takes place in the year 2022 in a NYC populated by over 40 million people. The world has been ruined by pollution, over-population and being raped of it's resources and now to feed the massive population, as real food is scarce and very expensive, the Soylent corporation makes various cracker like foods designated by color that supposedly signify it's 'healthy' ingredients. This includes the new and widely popular Soylent Green which is supposed made with plankton from the sea. When a high ranking Soylent board member (Joseph Cotton) is murdered, hard-nosed NY cop Thorn (Charlton Heston) is sent to investigate what looks to be a simple case of a botched burglary. But, Thorn knows an assassination when he sees one and the deeper he and his researcher, called a "book", Sol (the great Edward G. Robinson in his last role) dig into the case and the Soylent Corporation's possible involvement, the more he's told to back off and the more in danger his life becomes. But, Thorn is not going to give up and the more he digs, the closer he gets to a horrifying secret that many would kill to keep hidden.The screenplay by Stanley R. Greenberg is based on the book Make Room, Make Room by Harry Harrison and vividly brought to bleak life by prolific director Richard Fleischer. Fleischer creates a filthy world where people literally live in hallways and streets and, if one's lucky enough to afford one, a person can't leave their apartment without stepping over his neighbors. A world where police routinely rob the apartments of murder victims and use garbage trucks with bulldozer scoops to control food riots which are almost a daily occurrence. It's also a world where the rich and powerful live in sterile and beautiful apartments, that actually come with women literally referred to as 'furniture' and eat actual food as opposed to synthesized crackers. A world of few haves and many have nots. In this world he thrusts his anti-hero Thorn, a bit of a bastard who ransacks Simonson's (Cotton) apartment while investigating it. But, at heart Thorn is a good cop and the film takes us on a gritty and sometimes very violent investigation till revealing it's classic and horrifying truth as to what the Soylent corporation are really feeding the populace. It is a tense film and far more serious then Omega Man and gives us a far more grounded and gruff performance from the usually hammy Heston. The film has a lot of atmosphere and is very successful at creating it's overpopulated and ruined world with a modest budget by use of clever art direction and set decoration. It is actually a disturbing vision of the future and very successful as a mystery/action flick as well, as Thorn unravels why such a powerful man was so brutally eliminated. The film also has some great 70s nostalgia to add after all these years but, to be honest, even without it I think it still would be a successful and chilling Sci-Fi flick on it's own. Add a nice score by Fred Myrow and you get a really good 70s Sci-Fi thriller that isn't always apprecaited like it should be.The cast is great. We get a toned down Heston whose Thorn could be a villain in any other flick with his blatant theft of his case victim's belongings, his mistreatment of anybody who annoys him, including hitting women and the apparent coldness which he accepts death, murder and the world around him. But, Heston gives us glimpses that this violent man still has a heart and an overall moral center despite his immoral code at times. When he realizes what's really going on, he selflessly put's his own life at stake to bring the bad guys to light. A complex man and a different role for the star and he pulls it off well. Robinson is wonderful as Sol and he and Heston have a great camaraderie together on-screen and they work so well and it is, in an ironic way, a fitting final performance. Cotton has a brief appearance as Simonson but, gives him a quiet nobility as he meets his demise with acceptance and understanding. Chuck Connors is appropriately slimey as Simonson's crooked bodyguard and a man far more dangerous then he appears. The beautiful Leigh Taylor-Young gives some nice depth to Shirl, Simonson's former 'furniture' who falls for Thorn and thaws the cop's cold heart somewhat. She and Heston also work well together and it's a shame that once the plot really gets going, her character is sort of brushed aside. Rounding out are the always enjoyable Brock Peters as Thorn's boss Hatcher and Lincoln Kilpatrick in a small but, haunting role as a priest driven literally mad by the weight of Simonson's confessed secrets. We even get a cameo from Star Trek's "T'Pau" Celia Lovsky, too! A really good cast who help add to the film's atmosphere with their characterizations.This is obviously another 70s favorites of mine and I can be very passionate about flicks like this. They have a character that few movies today have. Soylent Green in particular really represents that pre-Star Wars era very well and is a really fun flick despite it's bleakness. It is a very well made movie and has a solid anti-hero character brought to life by it's star. A really enjoyable flick made even more entertaining with the added nostalgia from an era of films which they don't make anymore.PERSONAL NOTE: One of the things that personally disturbs me somewhat about this film is that it was made before the World Trade Center towers were finished but, in a spooky irony, takes place in a future time where they would no longer be there and thus their absence from the NYC skyline is disturbingly accurate. Got chills just writing that!

Bill T (us) wrote: Another silly CO movie. This was not bad, though it does go all over the place.

FallingUpTheStairsBackwards (ag) wrote: A tale of the failures of American 'conquest' of Japan and the misunderstandings between two cultures. There are quite a few chuckle worthy moments in this film. Marlon Brando looks ridiculous while standing next to actual Japanese but it adds to the charm of the film.

Karl S (ru) wrote: If you think you don't like old movies...what do newer movies have on this one? Not better writing, acting, or directing! If you haven't seen Garbo, you don't know what you are missing. Romance, action, laughs, controversy...this film has so much to offer, you have to see it again. I wonder how many of the movies you've seen contain scenes that were copied from this one. Don't miss it!

Farah R (br) wrote: I was very fond of this movie as a kid and watching it now, years later I can see it's very enjoyable indeed.

Hayden H (ru) wrote: Too weird, too quirky, and too silly for anyone who liked the first one. I salute it for embracing new ways to be creative but sometimes not every new idea is genius. Just brace yourself... This is one hell of an once in a lifetime thrill ride and dont think I'm selling. No... I'm warning you

Pavandeep S (au) wrote: Excellent thriller with a great running scene.