Man Exposed

Man Exposed

A story of a priest, who considers himself as a rebel is suddenly asked to run for bishop of Turku.

A story of a priest, who considers himself as a rebel is suddenly asked to run for bishop of Turku. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Abdel Z (nl) wrote: Interesting weird movie

Dinesh P (ag) wrote: An police guy who keeps on murdering to save himself and finally gets caught. A story keeps you on the edge of the seat. Even though the story telling style is similar to 0"s as the story is based in 60"s. An impressive cast make it watching worth more.

PoJen L (nl) wrote: I love the red hot air balloon flying over the landscape and lake sence which is beautiful and touching

Sepp V (gb) wrote: What a load of rubbish. Acting, plot, story - the whole shebang.

Nicolas K (br) wrote: Though it's not good enough to make you forget the Tracy-Hepburn comedies, it is good enough to make you remember them. Brosnan is funnier than I ever imagined.

Dillon L (kr) wrote: One of my all time fav movies

Private U (ag) wrote: Wow- a compelling slab of Argentinian noir, the narration gets a bit heavy handed where the audience can piece the plot together themselves, led by some fairly compelling visuals. I was reminded somewhat of Nuevas Reinas- but this was interesting, if not the best Argentinian crime drama I've ever seen.

Soheil W (gb) wrote: That is what I prefer. Nice action, a solid story, and a movie with a meaning! Of course, not to forget to mention the nice fighting scenes are...

Allan C (us) wrote: This was originally going to be an anthology film of Poe adaptations that include four directors, including Dario Argento, George A. Romero, John Carpenter and Wes Craven. Carpenter and Craven dropped out, so "Two Evil Eyes" is two Poe adaptations by Romero and Argento. The Romero story, "The Facts in the Case of Mr. Valdemar," is the weaker of the two and feels like a tepid installment from "Creepshow." Argento's story, "The Black Cat," is much creepier, gory and compelling of a short film. Argento's film also features Harvey Keitel in the lead, which gives the film some gravitas (Adrienne Barbeau in the lead of Romero's film did not give it gravitas). I like the idea of a new Poe film, since it kind of honors the old AIP Poe cycle of films and giving them a modern amped up level of gore and special effects (courtesy of Tom Savini). The film does feature a solid cast of familiar faces, including Tom Atkins, E.G. Marshall, John Amos, Julie Benz, Sally Kirkland, Kim Hunter and Martin Balsam and it also features a fine score by Pino Donaggio. Overall, the Romero short isn't all that worth watching, but the Argento one is excellent.

Mary B (ca) wrote: I like Jennifer Garner.

Diana W (au) wrote: It was an OK, one-time watch. The plot is way too common.

Samy A (nl) wrote: Eccentric characters so well constructed inside this strange story that invests in an offbeat atmosphere tackling loneliness and amends

EQ R (it) wrote: In Jason Statham's first leap into the role of an action leading man, he displays just how badass he is. But with that also comes over the top unbelievable action set pieces, plot holes and cliches galore, annoying side characters with bad dialogue and very odd and out of place music choices. The action sets, although ridiculous are at times awesome, especially when Statham displays his ass kicking ability. This movie is a mix between a bumpy and great start for Statham's future career roles as a leading man. While at times problematic, I can't deny its pretty damn entertaining. C