Man Facing Southeast

Man Facing Southeast

A new patient mysteriously appears in a psychiatric ward. He claims to come from another planet to study humans and their behavior. The alien is gentle but criticizes humans for their harsh treatment of each other. The assigned psychiatrist is himself unhappy, and affected by the patient's insight. But he is ordered to treat the patient according to institutional procedure.

A patient in a mental hospital claims to be an extraterrestial. Could he be right? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric L (it) wrote: Super bon, le film est inspirant, voil du vrai CHEST BRAS ! lol

Ryan R (ca) wrote: This is what a call a rom-com! It's often funny with a decent cast, and it doesn't go for the warm-n-fuzzies. Bridgette Wilson was great.

Sarfara A (br) wrote: 36 Fillette (English: Virgin or Junior Size 36) a French Film directed by controversial writer-cum-director Catherine Breillat. Starring Delphine Zentout and Jean-Pierre Laud (in cameo role). Film became controversial for sexual acts between elderly man and young teenage girl Delphine who was 16 at the time. Lili (Delphine Zentout) is 14 year old voluptuous virgin girl - she is having uncontrollable feelings towards men while having aggressive confrontations with her sibling. She flirts with an elderly playboy at caf who brings her home - the two engage in little hanky-panky act. Set designing is typical of Catherine films. Delphine portrays the bawdiness of character she plays - Catherine's strong direction levels the willingness and stubbornness. All over the world many people have been real ignorant to the facts that women have lived under stressful pressure of society while going through sexual awakening. Catherine Breillat came out to beware the society and those concerned to rethink about what goes all around us.

Nikki S (nl) wrote: Amazing movie! Honestly appalled that nobody recognizes its charm. Great acting, singing, and fun storyline. Great continuation to Grease! Don't care what anybody says

Eric B (it) wrote: How can a sex farce starring Raquel Welch at her peak voluptuousness be so dull?This is like a porn flick with the porn edited out. An endless stream of set pieces that go nowhere. Myron Breckinridge (film critic Rex Reed) has an implausible sex change and re-emerges as gorgeous Myra (Welch). She blackmails her goofy uncle (director John Huston, embarrassing himself with an awful Slim Pickens impression) into giving her a faculty post at his bogus acting school/commune and, there, sets upon her vengeful quest to destroy the mythos of the American male. Or something.That's about where the plot's momentum grinds to a stop. Mae West creaks in with her dinosaur act, portraying an agent who's fixated on having sex with men a third of her age (including a young, moustache-less Tom Selleck). It's as if she's in her own separate movie. She probably agreed to appear on condition that she have top billing and be allowed to lead a song-and-dance number. And we're forced to sit through it. She and Welch have just one scene together, and their faces never appear in the same frame. Meanwhile, ingenue Farrah Fawcett also enters the story, pokes out her nipples everywhere yet still can't make the film interesting. Even a bedroom scene with Welch doesn't pay off. How is that possible?Repeated mentions of "balling" date the script, and further star cameos from Jim Backus, John Carradine and Andy Devine add nothing. The insertion of vintage movie clips (lots of Laurel and Hardy) mostly just pad out the running time and, in the end, the greatest pleasures are simply Welch's stylish costumes and game willingness to debase herself with references to orgasms, urine specimens and "motherfuckers." And, oh yes, there's her notorious anal-rape sequence. (Hint: She's not the one being raped.)What was the point of Toni Basil repeatedly turning up, just to chew gum like some stereotyped teen delinquent?

Julie B (es) wrote: Bette Davis's supporting performce. I happen to catch this movie on AMC channel that is from Lillian Hellman's play. I got all caught up in it. I love Bette Davis's performces. I like the way that it show that not all germans were part of Nazi party. It is relates to us today to show that not all Muslims are terrorists. The movie shows to duty to do the greater good. the struggle of good and evil. Movie show also how americans here did not really know what was happening over in Europe, especailly Germany, during the late 1930's.

Tree Hugger M (es) wrote: 10/10 A modern day clockwork orange. loved it, one of my favorite films

Evan J (de) wrote: The score was awesome. I can see why it won the Oscar for the music. Good movie as well.

Andrew R (ca) wrote: the purpose of sticking to the real version of events made the movie a little "boring" compared to other dramatizations of the events of the day but in return I learned some things