Man Friday

Man Friday

Englishman Robinson Crusoe, stranded alone on an island for years, is overjoyed to find a fellow man, a black islander whom he names Friday. But Crusoe cannot overcome the shackles of his own heritage and upbringing and is incapable of seeing Friday as anything other than a savage who needs Crusoe's brand of cultural and religious enlightenment. Friday attempts to share his own more generous and unashamed culture, but ultimately realizes that Crusoe can never see him as anything but an inferior being. With that awareness, Friday sets out to turn the tables on Crusoe.

Englishman Robinson Crusoe, stranded alone on an island for years, is overjoyed to find a fellow man, a black islander whom he names Friday. But Crusoe cannot overcome the shackles of his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Suanne G (ru) wrote: The looping in the house is what I was waiting for and had me on edge for sure ??? Also the creepy 'witch' caught me off guard ??Other than that, average scare for for this pov type horror

Nicole B (au) wrote: A good movie for a night with the mom's group.

Karthik V (kr) wrote: Excellent commercial mass entertainer.A perfect Diwali Gift.A must watch movie

Peter S (nl) wrote: a touching film that manages to steer away from your typical biopic, it's nice to see that they tackled the story from a perspective that didn't dwell much on the negatives of her life but the circumstances that took her to becoming the fashion designer we know today. I loved the natural and beautiful cinematography and the elegant soundtrack.

Dave S (mx) wrote: El talentoso cast es ms que nada lo que hace de Dinner for Schmucks una comedia agradable.

Allen G (au) wrote: Another indie film that's too heavy on cliches and not really willing enough to stand out from its counterparts. Despite this, it has a strong cast, interesting script and enough intelligence to make it worth watching. Pucci's character did little for me and this damaged the experience a fair bit- when you have a film based around a character that isn't as interesting and dynamic as the characters around them then you are going to be pretty frustrated. His performance was good though but I just didn't like where he went with the character and the odds were against him with his character being the weakest in the script in my view. There was lots going on around him though- his parents in particular I found interesting and Reeves' character certainly had me scratching my head. The plot lines never felt real to me- this one is three other films put into one- I'd name them but I can't remember the names, mostly because they weren't particularly memorable films. The subtleties are what makes this one though and I think that comes from the performances and general feel of the film. For me its a film that's basics are bad- it really shouldn't manage to develop into somethign worth-watching but this one certainly does. it's leaves me with that curiosity in my mind, its a specific feeling I get from indie films, its difficult to explain but this film is smart and interesting enough to leave me with it. The magic in this one is that it seems to want to be a teen coming-of-age movie and, for me anyway, it failed in that respect, and yet, there's enough elsewhere to make this film good- the world is interesting in this film even if many elements of the film aren't. It made for a strange viewing but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's almost an accidental success.

Brad W (jp) wrote: I lot funnier when you know Greek people.

Greg W (de) wrote: good gripping war pic

Toad T (au) wrote: Really cool dream effects, story, good acting, Bacon.

Jason D (es) wrote: Evolver is a film that combines elements of the Full Moon film Arcade and the killer robots in a mall film Chopping Mall to create a ridiculously over-the-top and oft times hilarious movie. The film is about a young boy, Ethan Embry (from Can't Hardly Wait, That Thing You Do) who's a pro at video games and computer programming. When he changes the high scores to win a contest for beating the virtual-reality game Evolver, the company sends him a replicate robot (like the ones he tries to beat in the game) to play live action games in his own home with friends and family. Unbeknownst to him and everyone else, the designer of the robot build it from military technology that never passed because it was too dangerous, thus resulting in the new Evolver robot becoming dangerous by evolving to its surroundings and becoming more and more of a threat with each new thing it picks up and especially after each time its beaten and advances to a more complicated level. What we get is something that winds up being so much better than Arcade or Chopping Mall, as this robot becomes more and more entertaining the more violent it gets, not to mention it starts spouting out comical remarks along the way which had me on the floor rolling around in laughter. This film doesn't take itself seriously and neither should you, at least, I'm hoping that was the intent from director Mark Rosman (The House on Sorority Row). Throw the expectations out the door and enjoy it. It's hilarious bad sci-fi horror.

Ingela A (fr) wrote: Funny to see a film and realize how YOUNG all the actors look like! Not a bad film but a bit predictable...

Notorious TIA (ru) wrote: This is one of my all time favorite movies. I love the this movie because it shows the Hip Hop culture in its purest form. This was back when Mc ing was about MC ing and not about getting shot or how many hoes you have got. This is when there was some substance to their lyrics... This is a MASTERPIECE.

Michael S (ca) wrote: One of the best films I've ever seen. The 5 hour version is just breathtaking. I kind of want to watch the shorter version now just to see what was cut out. Watch the full length if you can.

Katherine B (it) wrote: Oh what a clever thriller. Some really memorable scenes. Much better than equivalent material produced today.

Jeff B (jp) wrote: Enjoyable farce. And very brief, too.

Nick V (us) wrote: Daniel Day-Who-is? I'd love to see a remake or same premise of a young Lincoln but how do you top Henry Fonda's performance? You don't. You just don't.