Man in the Chair

Man in the Chair

The story of an aspiring young filmmaker's encounter with a grumpy fount of movie lore.

Christopher Plummer plays Flash, a curmudgeon with a hankering for classic movies and booze. Cameron is a volatile teen who commits grand theft auto just because the car is an exact replica... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dorianator F (nl) wrote: Very definitive piece about Brian De Palma! It was just too long and drawn out. I wish there was more to it. I lost focus halfway through the movie.

Deanna B (jp) wrote: Seriously wished I was at their concert versus watching it on TV.

David B (br) wrote: Hey, they still make good B movies! Suspenseful and involving.

WakeWRC89 (es) wrote: Awful. The only one worth bothering with is the first. Even the second cant save the day with alot of the same cast and they get worst and worst from the second

Helena K (ca) wrote: That one should see a woman pushed away by a man, love of her life and see that breaking up is sometimes a good thing, even if you love this man like crazy, otherwise you can end up like Mrs. Harris. Even the strongest and the most charismatic woman is just like poor little thing standing on her knees and begging for

Subhro R (ag) wrote: PERILS OF BITTORRENT

Joseph S (de) wrote: One of John Wayne's best Western detective film. Not much of the twist and suspense but the acting is still classic. Wayne portrait as a young man following a thief while being suspected and followed by a local Sheriff. Later they joined up to lasso up all the bad guys and save the day.

Leon G (de) wrote: Loved this movie, definitely a manly man's watch