Man in the Dark

Man in the Dark

A prisoner undergoes experimental brain surgery in order to get early parole. He released but has no memories. Things get dangerous when a group of thugs go after him in search of loot he hid before his amnesia.

A thug is convicted and undergoes experimental brain surgery to remove the criminal element in his brain. The operation wipes out all memories of his past life, including where he stashed ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John A (ag) wrote: One Which Definately Should Be Avoided. 3 Ghosts Kill People In A Small Town, Although A Basic Story Like This Has Been Pulled Off Before. Look At The Script, The Acting, The Deaths And The Whole Direction Of The Movie. Stars: Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash & "Sycho" Sid Vicious

Alejandro C (gb) wrote: Buenos actores para una historia que ya conoca del libro y que no me ha aportado nada nuevo pero que ha estado bien recordar

WS W (mx) wrote: It starts off kinda captivating. But just like hundreds of other Japanese (or Asian, in a broader sense) horror supernatural flicks, dragging & circling around till the end.

Jan H (fr) wrote: It was so selfless when Kristin gave up her immortality to save the boy.

Bill M (nl) wrote: This would have got a higher rating but it's one of those truly frustrating films that fluffs it right at the finish, the final moments of this film are a little bit odd. But the preceding hour and a half is great fun, this is a really obscure little 80's gem, id never heard of it before, and what sets this apart is that it's an unusually smartly made kids adventure film, it plays like a proper Hitchcock spy thriller but with kids at the center, what seperates this from Spy Kids though is the grit, this movie has a surprisingly hard edge to it, there are things in this that go beyond some of the stuff in The Goonies (kids hand in a blender, drug dealer corpse and so on...) theres some nasty violence, terrifying old people and genuinely nasty villans, the scene near the end were the main bad guy is telling our intrepid little hero exactly what he's going to do to him actually chilled me a bit. This is well worth discovering, it's an unusual, very inventive and brilliantly crafted kids adventure flick thats more harsh and violent than most other kids films i've seen, even from that golden 80's era. To 80's enthusiasts i say find it, there's still a cool kids adventure movie from that time you haven't seen yet, and Henry Thomas (Elliot in E.T.) is superb in it, but the whole show is stolen by a duel character playing Dabney Colman.

Agustn S (de) wrote: Minority Report is constantly impressive on it's action setpieces, while still managing to catch viewers attention with it's intriguing concept. With Tom Cruise's performance and Steven Spielbergs direction being as great as can be expected, this is a Sci-Fi crime thriller unlike any other.

Simon S (ag) wrote: This is a really really special movie, it happily makes me laugh like a little kid over and over again