Man Is a Woman

Man Is a Woman

Simon Eskenazy is a gay Parisian clarinet player who lives his single life to the fullest. One day, he receives a very tempting offer from his homophobic uncle, looking to continue the family legacy – if he gets married and has a child, he will receive ten million francs and inherit his uncle's luxurious mansion. After meeting Rosalie Baumann at his cousin David's wedding, and with some convincing on his mother's part, Simon sees an opportunity to fulfill his uncle's wishes and the pair go ahead and get married, but not before traveling to New York to meet Rosalie's Orthodox Jewish family. As Simon tries to develop real feelings for Rosalie, he struggles with his feelings for his newlywed cousin David.

Klezmer musician Simon Eskanazy wrestles with his gay nature. His conservative, orthodox family, Parisian bankers, expects him to carry on the family name by marriage. However he's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul S (br) wrote: Rubbish, no subtitles, video quality was very poor.

Ed C (au) wrote: One line summary: Matricide child grows down to be a delusional author, or did she?--------------------------------------------------------- This film reminds me most of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, 1998. Strange Circus has about as much cohesion and steady reference to a timeline. The whole of the film seems to be the musings and ravings of a successful author who is also certifiably nuts. During the film, the author fills in her story, or what she wants to present as her story. The back story is thrown at the viewer in broken pieces, rather like the piles of junk present in so many rooms recurrently visited. The mythology starts around when the protagonist, Mitsuko, is twelve. She unintentionally sees her parents having sex. Then her father forces her to watch from inside a cello case. After several sessions of this, her father lets his wife know that Mitsuko has been watching. Then he forces the mother and the daughter to switch places. The mother grows to resent this; when the father is out, the mother abuses Mitsuko. Not much later, Mitsuko 'accidentally' pushes her mother down the stairs, resulting in the mother's death. Later Mitsuko attempts suicide and fails. The cello case follows her around in the movie as she continues life from a wheelchair. Those events are referred to again and again. The resulting length of time in a wheelchair seems a bit variable. Perhaps she's permanently there; perhaps not. As the film advances toward the end, the rate of scenario switching increases. Did the mother fall down the stairs, or was it the father? Was the child's suicide attempt just a part of the plot in a novel? Was the father the mastermind who triumphs at the end, or did the mother and daughter stump him (cut off all limbs) and chain him for additional sport? The subtitle of the film is 'Reality is the mystery,' and the film does a bang-up job of conveying that.-------Scores--------Cinematography: 7/10 Soft, grainy focus is all too common; the filters in the circus scenes are at least as detrimental. Add in a dash of jerky camera movement. To make things for interesting, the movie has scenes where walls are covered in blood (revolting and ugly), and rooms with very little furniture, but plenty of unorganized dross on the floors. This is ugly for the sake of ugly.Sound: 8/10 No particular problems.Acting: 7/10 Tough call. As with the actors in the films of Cronenberg (Existenz, Crash, Videodrome) or Lynch (Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart, Twin Peaks), one has to figure the actors in Strange Circus are doing what the detail-oriented director wants. On the other hand, several performances seem wooden or amateurish.Screenplay: 8/10 Watching this film is like watching someone do a finger painting. The painting is done when the canvas is covered or the painter just quits. Also like a finger painting, one can gaze at it at length, trying to figure out what it means, even though no fixed meaning was intended.

Raf I (ca) wrote: I liked it. Entertaining action, A good dvd rental

B C (ru) wrote: Godard strikes back! 43yrs since Breathless & still kicking

Pedro V (ru) wrote: 8 seconds shows you another side of the U.S. The cowboy side. Riding a bull is a very dangerous sport, but despite the danger Lane Frost chose to tame the sport. The movie is good, but the film is short and has its boring parts. This movie did get me interested in bull riding though.

Curtis L (jp) wrote: Pretty much a hot chick quits smoking, Emilio Estevez gets abducted by a video game, Lance Hendrixson kills satans truck with holy water and a family gets terrorized by the demon rodent. A lot like outer limits. Pretty fun.

Jonathan L (it) wrote: Clever, witty, and well put. If we don't help build the bee population, agriculture could be devastated.

Timm S (de) wrote: I Enjoyed It. Super Violent & Takes On A Bit Of Homage To A Film Like El-Mariachi & Puts It On Steroids. Parts Felt Like A Video-Game, But The Story Overall (Except For How Lt-West Happens Upon The Correct Town) Is Pretty Solid For An Action Flick With Afew Surprises.

Bridger B (gb) wrote: Fun to watch. Pretty creepy film.

Mario M (jp) wrote: Exquisitely sinister. I'm glad someone recommended it to me. One of those movies that stays with you for a long time. The less you know about it the better, but I have to mention that now I understand where Naomi Watts' stardom comes from.