Man Ka Meet

Man Ka Meet

Bollywood 1969

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1969
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Man Ka Meet torrent reviews

John R (de) wrote: 150825: Had me laughing out of the gate. Such a great cast of stars, from the old to the new. Love Parker & McDonough. Great action.

Kenneth H (nl) wrote: Saw this and really liked it. Helene Bergsholm is a young beauty and should go on to even better things careerwise.

Carlos M (ru) wrote: I like Babenco's direction (despite the irregular pacing) and the film's score and performances, but this story about a man surrounded by mad women is too puzzling and implausible in the end, when we only feel like it doesn't have that much to say about relationships after all.

David J (us) wrote: Not a bad movie and that's because its British so it gets extra points. The Americans would have applied too much Hollywood gloss to this movie and would have wrecked it. The back story is far fetched, Believe it or not but all ex soldiers do not leave the forces with ninja fighting skills! Its worth a watch on a Sunday afternoon.

Andy C (mx) wrote: A dull slasher with only an underwater chase scene at the end of the film as a highlight.

Agustn S (mx) wrote: With it's personality and voice cast being the definite highlights, Madagascar brings a warm and likeable cast of characters that, while mostly bland, still manages to shine just as much as it's gorgeous animation.

Nina S (de) wrote: I don't like Heather, but it's o.k.

Di P (mx) wrote: I loved this italian movie. It gave me a chance to brush up on my Italian (movie is in italian with english subtitles), and recall my trip to Italy many many years ago.

Russ B (de) wrote: 12/10/2016: A pretty good buddy cop movie. Some good action and comedy throughout.

Ashley D (gb) wrote: much better than it had any right to be really enjoyed hopkins does really well

RJohn X (us) wrote: AH the 1970s. When mommy obsessions and women hating were still shocking. Or something. This movie is twisted because the whole thing is just unrepentent. Zooey Hall is so creepy and not just because his left ear looks like a deformed piece of baloney, but b/c there are guys you know who have the same creep factor in their speech patterns and twisted world view. All rich kids usually. The whole little girl kidnap aspect is just soooo uncomfortable. Made worse by the sympathetic theme music and perfect day montage. I guess they might have been going for a whole BEN jive, but sweet satan, this is a woman killer/potential child rapist the soundtrack is wah wah wah pedaling about. GROSS.

Joshua L (us) wrote: great story , great acting, good movie

Cameron M (ca) wrote: Despite its subject losing its sting over the years, Kramer vs. Kramer is still a realistic depiction of family, greatly performed, and smartly written.

Michael M (es) wrote: This movie epitomizes what I hate about my generation.