Raja has a vivid imagination since childhood, used to frequently lie and gamble, which did lead him to considerable trouble with his schoolmaster, mom, Bhagwanti, and sister, Rani. When ...

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  • Release:1962
  • Language:Hindi
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Raja has a vivid imagination since childhood, used to frequently lie and gamble, which did lead him to considerable trouble with his schoolmaster, mom, Bhagwanti, and sister, Rani. When ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamie T (kr) wrote: When viewing a movie like this, your expectations need to be adjusted accordingly. This is a direct to DVD family film from the director of Carrot Top's Chairman of the Board and Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. When comparing it to the original Our Gang series, it is terrible. When comparing it to the 1994 film, it's not as good. When comparing it to Universal Home Entertainment's other family offerings such as Monster High, Barbie, Beethoven, etc. this is quality stuff. They took some of the best gags from the original series (to their credit not really repeating any from the 1994 film) and recreated them with out the timing and poise that made the original series so enduring. They nixed Froggy and Uh-Huh that were used in the 1994 film but gave Mary Ann a bigger part, added the adult characters of (Edgar) Kennedy The Cop as seen in several Our Gang and Laurel and Hardy films, and Grandma (who was seen in I believe 2 original shorts). For some of the kids the casting was way off, which the 1994 film did a much better job of finding kids to look and act like the originals. Spanky is no longer a chubby kid but more so resembles Mickey (Rober Blake) from later in the original series. Butch and Woim (who Stymie incorrectly calls "Worm") resemble nothing close to the characters. Waldo doesn't even wear glasses, forget that he looks nothing like the other 2 kids that played him, just put some glasses on him at least! The Toddler in Tiaras girl that played Darla was terrible at acting, but it actually didn't bother me because she at least seemed more like a real kid that way and not just the creepy doll that her stage parents make her be. The kids that stood out to me were Alfalfa and Buckwheat. The kid that played Alfalfa did a comparable job to Bug Hall ('94 Alfie who cameos) and the kid who played Buckwheat to me was more true to the original character than the '94 kid. The most cringe-worthy moment came with an out of place song that Darla and Alfalfa sing. Not in a show but "in real life" like a musical. There are some "Easter Eggs" for fans of the original with the school named after director Robert McGowan, a Hal Roach film festival playing at the movie theater, and French Stewart playing a character whose last name is McFarland. Check out the deleted scenes for more gags that were recreated from the original series including Butch trying to play trombone while Spanky and Alfalfa eat a lemon and a parrot that annoyingly quotes both "The Kid From Borneo" (yum yum eat em up) and the kid from "Forgotten Babies" (Remarkable!) All in all this movie might get kids interested in the 1994 film if they haven't seen it already, and with any luck they may see the original classics one day. Hopefully it will at least inspire them to play outside!

Adam R (fr) wrote: Although low-budget, the film's satirization of humans only looking for a "guarantee" hits to the core.

Guadalupe H (fr) wrote: it was better that i thonk

Lee M (fr) wrote: A relatively thin romantic melodrama tied to a relatively facile political frame concerning the Hong Kong handover, "Chinese Box" recounts the last six months of a dying Brit and a dying era of colonial rule.

Griffin W (ag) wrote: Charming, funny, and very well acted. The two leads have a great chemistry that holds the whole movie together very well. It is a bit slow at times and the comedy element could've been more apparent in a few more scenes. But the movie is still "Great!"

Stephen J (es) wrote: Many American action thrillers suffer from the "1/3 syndrome": the first 2/3 of the movie are enjoyable, but the writers could not properly resolve all the rising action and blunder their way through the final third. Deja Vu is no exception to the rule. It's worth the watch on pizza night with friends or family; overall, Denzel redeems what would have been a mostly unknown sci-fi thriller and its resolution has too many holes for the serious movie-goer.

bill s (ca) wrote: A sequel to the remake of the original is not up to that standard but a one time watch is warranted.

gustavmarkovic31 (ru) wrote: this is a must-see of jet li's, it is a masterpiece of a movie, although it is let down a bit by the predictability and a-bit-too-coincidental scenes, where the movie would not have worked if Jet Li's character's girl friend's friend didnt kill this one guy who was the brother of man who is connected to jet li's brother or something completely unbelievably confunding like that, but still, overlooking that long and confusing explanation, this movie is awseome to behold.

Kevin M (ru) wrote: Not even Hopkins and Pacino were able to save this movie.

Randall C (es) wrote: It has no concept of how humans behave or interact, and the message of the movie seemed to be: If you aren't Christian, you're a terrible person and you deserve to die. Sickening.