Man of Evil

Man of Evil

Returning to 1870's London after finishing at boarding school, Fanny winesses the death of her father in a fight with Lord Manderstoke. She then finds that her family has for many years ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicola W (ca) wrote: Seriously the jumpiest scary movie I've seen! I literally had heart failure. Watching in the dark with headphones was not a good idea! Great movie.

Lynn Yi L (es) wrote: 'Fakts': Time doesn't heal all wounds. Love does not conquer all. Alcohol can cause drunkness and nudity. Life is like a cigarette, smoke it to the butt.

Issac L (ag) wrote: The context of the film reminds me of C.R.A.Z.Y. (2005) by Jean Marc Vallee, both made in Canada and deals with a coming-out-of-the-closet story, only this time, it meddles with an immigrant Italian background, which nine times out of ten means it will be more dramatic and ludicrous than the usual savor. I enjoyed the film at large, but still C.R.A.Z.Y. is peerless by far. The film is a dramedy with lightweight ambition and creativity, my gut feeling is that it doesn't care too much to share any sincereness to excavate a little deeper than other tons of analogs. A cliche plot makes little disturbance, the only should-be distinguished part is a cast of spanking lampooned characters treads the boards with self-conscious affectations (the only exception could be Paul Sorvino). Our protagonist and his relationship is not well codified while all the attention-grabbing moments reside among the elderly parents, which hurts the credibility and turns out to be a kitschy day-time soap opera. Generally speaking, everything in the film is just overage, soundtrack, cinematography, acting, nothing is remarkable, thankfully everything culminates in a non-traditional happy ending, life goes on no matter what, your prince charming will always standing there as long as you can stop whining and be true to yourself. Actually it is a pity there aren't enough mambo in the film and its Italian backdrop limits only several simple Italian shouted randomly and irregularly in the movie, I guess Italy is just a shameless stunt here (sorry for the autobiographic work from writer Steve Galluccio).

Karan K (fr) wrote: This movie is the bomb.I have no idea why this isn't of my favorites,..

A C (de) wrote: I did watch this film when it came out years ago, but it wasn't until I bought the DVD recently, that I really felt it. It is a beautiful story with all the details that a great tale could have. The scenery, the mysteries, the intrigue, the acting of course, are superb. It is like the kind of stories one likes to hear all over again at a certain age. Guy Pearce-I will insist-is one of the two most underrated actors in Hollywood, and Helena Bonham Carter is as good as always. Great, brilliant film from Australia, with a very specific details on how by letting go, one can finally be free, but before that, we all need to face our demons; so very true. And if we add a beautiful Direction, music and Art Direction, we get a masterpiece.

Hannah K (jp) wrote: My favorite Addams Family movie!

Mark A (mx) wrote: A very campy sex comedy/revenge flick, starring the always luscious Raquel Welch, that doesn't hold up well. The characters are overblown and stereotypical, the sex (what there is) is pretty tame, and the controversial nature of the story seems a lot less scandalous today than it would have been forty(!) years ago. Still there were a few chuckles to be found, so not all was wasted. This viewer saw a bit of Fellini and some similarities to Dr Strangelove, but overall, not a highly rewarding film.

Levi P (ru) wrote: While I could be completely wrong, I feel this anthology has served as massive inspiration for many directors who followed. Sam Rami's Drag Me to Hell bares a resemblance to the segment "The Drop of Water." While "The Telephone" might have inspired the opening to Wes Craven(TM)s Scream. Regardless, an amazing film!

Sean C (gb) wrote: Strange film. The obvious talent behind the film keeps it going but much of it is disjointed and pointless.

Greg W (ru) wrote: good actioner and gr8 chem between the leads title s/b 'mogambo' not 'mogambe'

Richard S (mx) wrote: Melodrama a plenty in this tale about a wealthy playboy and what he does with his money...and his love.

Aamir Q (mx) wrote: Such a brilliant story... Quite touching and based on a true story made it even better.

Felipe F (es) wrote: Tarzan is a Disney's adaptation of a true story packed with its typically stunning visuals, unforgettable songs, old fashioned melodrama - and the result is as moving as it is entertaining.