Man of Iron

Man of Iron

In Warsaw in 1980, the Communist Party sends Winkel, a weak, alcoholic TV hack, to Gdansk to dig up dirt on the shipyard strikers, particularly on Maciek Tomczyk, an articulate worker whose father was killed in the December 1970 protests. Posing as sympathetic, Winkel interviews the people surrounding Tomczyk, including his detained wife, Agnieszka.

A worker becomes a "man of iron" forged by experience, a son comes to terms with his father, a couple fall in love, a reporter searches for courage, and a nation undergoes historic change. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nic O (es) wrote: ... I have no comment. Ok, well I do. The movie can't decide whether it wants to be taken seriously by the audience, or a be a big-budget action movie. My biggest problem: as it tried to make its self believable, it failed; all the explosions and ridiculously impossible scenes make it silly and stupid whereas it might have been a lot better if it wasn't an action movie.

Floyd C (jp) wrote: I've seen far worse...a man kills his mistress by letting her fall to her death instead of saving her. Her ghost comes back to get revenge on the man and his bride to I said not the worst, but not the best either.

Fabien D (gb) wrote: "Moi c'est Joseph et vous pouvez m'appeler Jojo ,pour l'instant je m'en tiendrais Joseph si tu le permets cette familiarit me semble un peu prmatur "=]

Simon D (kr) wrote: The most incredible documentary ever made. Rivetting and heartbreaking. I switched on accidently about 5 years ago, to sbs and thought that it was a narrative drama made to look like a documentary. The fact that these horendous things are actually occuring to these real children in real time is eye-opening. Terrifyingly brilliant. Must see.

elodie j (ru) wrote: Les conseils de certains mec peuvent parfois tre bon...

Alice (ag) wrote: Loved Laurel Holloman!! :DEvie: I'm at my wit's end. I really am. I don't know what to do anymore.Randy: Try going out with a married woman.Evie Excuse me?Randy: Oh nothing. I just said everybody needs love, that's all.

Kenneth E (mx) wrote: Funny as hell! I never thought I would get to see Leslie Nielson as Michael Jackson HAHA!!!! A MUST SEE For fans of Leslie Nielson!

Gavin O (gb) wrote: a unique way of telling the story of a working class family with the disjointed narrative, the continuous singing does get slightly irritating after a while but still a decent film

JonPaul P (au) wrote: Critics believe this movie has little to offer for non-adolescent viewers. I disagree. It has little to offer for kids and to that I give a big who cares. It had fantastic camera work with the planes, a story about a guy you thought you could be. That guy wasn't always Maverick. It felt like everybody could connect with somebody's personality in that movie and the characters felt incredibly accessible, something not often seen these days. Perhaps that's why it boosted the Navy recruitment so much. The soundtrack is catchy. You'll want to high five like they do in the volleyball scene. It's just a good time.

David F (jp) wrote: You can always count on John Hughes, Molly Ringwald, and Anthony Michael Hall to bring you funny dissections of teenage angst and the high school social scene. I loved the house party where the parents were away, it captured the spontaneous, meandering flavour of Midwestern teen life perfectly.

Greg H (de) wrote: A wonderful family movie with the humor that we cherish to this day. The darling Tootie steals the show in many scenes. Impressed with the cinematography for the 40s as well. Perfectly assembled.

Danny M (kr) wrote: I love this film. I think it's amazing. I can see why people think there is to much going on but I really like how they do that. So good

Jonathan G (jp) wrote: Entertaining action-suspense political thriller. The ending ride got a bit ridiculous, but otherwise worth putting near the top of your Tom Clancy adaptations list.

Heather M (br) wrote: This was a very sappy movie that never seemed to go anywhere. In the end the previously dysfunctional family is happy together, but nothing profound happens that makes any sense.

Kevin M (ag) wrote: A mystery thriller that goes off rail and is bonkers as hell but still enjoyable in a "late night cable" sort of way.

Mika R (es) wrote: Another god-awful ninja flick from the eighties. Worth watching, though, as it makes you appreciate good films even more.