Man of Straw

Man of Straw

Diederich Heßling is scared of everything and everyone. But as he grows up, he comes to realize that he has to offer his services to the powers-that-be if he wants to wield power himself. ...

Diederich Heßling is scared of everything and everyone. But as he grows up, he comes to realize that he has to offer his services to the powers-that-be if he wants to wield power himself. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rhino K (jp) wrote: This film is spoken in Russian.Why doesn't Rotten say what language a film is in ?

Tim N (us) wrote: A big fan of Debby Ryan's work. This was a great break out movie for her. Good story along with being a pretty funny movie. She's a beautiful girl and she's gonna go really far in the movie business!!

Jason M (ca) wrote: I'd like to see how this one turns out. It really has potential, but could go cheesy real quick. I like Tim Olyphant's work on Justified, so there could be hope.

bhavin s (ru) wrote: I like the emotions and the theme of the story. It is really a real life trejady one has gone through. But the way movie ended was unreal, it has to be the optimistic end

Robin M (fr) wrote: the masters of horror

Ut S (ru) wrote: A dark & stark portrayal of emotions & relationships in a repressed environment . This intense movie also reflects upon the 'breaking point' in individuals when they are stretched beyond a mental framework. It may not be to everyone's liking because of its subject & certain scenes.

Prattay S (de) wrote: the whole movie was written on a concept that there's always a happy ending. but the story had a really good mystery in it. it sure did get my attention and the great acting in it made the movie a really good one...

Dave R (de) wrote: bridges plays an epicurean, wealthy young man caught in a state of arrested development after the death of his parents. he gets mixed with some odd characters in alabama and eventually finds a way to move on with his life.interesting to see a young arnie here - and sally field, robert englund (freddy krueger) and roger e. mosley (TC from magnum PI). it's a quirky story but entertaining.

Tom B (kr) wrote: the drama in this movie is the racing. porsche battles it out with ferrari for winner of the greatest race of all time. This is my most watch movie in my collection. Grand Prix and Le Mans are the only two real car racing movies in my opinion.

Brad F (es) wrote: If you love to laugh at old time classics, then this is a Must watch for you, it's not a particularly serious film, but it does have it's serious moments, which frankly are some of the funniest scenes to me.Maybe I'm just weird but to me it's worth an hr and twenty minutes of your time. (It starts a little slow, so be warned)

Kyle M (us) wrote: A good and funny buddy flick with a good cast (Lawrence and Kutcher) and a creative concept of a North American carnivore's a pet and the forest animals stand up to rebel during the open season. (B+)(Full review coming soon - with better wording)

Kieran F (ag) wrote: I'm gonna be honest. I'm not a big fan of spike lee. I think he's a little overrated and also a massive hypocrite(He seems to think it's all right for him to be racist and etc but the moment someone else is it's a horrible thing). But that's not the reason to why I don't like this film. I Didn't like this film cause it honestly felt..well..lacking. Yeah the visuals are petty impressive and yeah the story is interesting(considering it's based,slightly, on a true character) and all just doesn't gel well and maybe that's because of the subject matter(not many movies based on real life serial killers are ever that interesting,Personally speaking I love the subject but it's not a great holly wood one) is hard to sell to the general public. To be honest the only real reason I ever checked this film out was because of curiosity and some what interest. Curiosity more so cause of the subject matter(I wanted to see how well Spike Lee could create the story of a man who shot 14(?) people to death over the fact that he was adopted and also a hatter of women) ad also I was surprised by the number of ussage of the word fuck. other then that I really didn't like the film and was quite bored by it.

Matt M (nl) wrote: Admirably shot in a realistic quasi-documentary style, this film lacks drive and is overall quite dull.

Zahid C (br) wrote: Day: FridayDate: 11 Nov 2016Time: 10.30 pmWith: MaaOn: HDTV