Man of the Century

Man of the Century

Fantasy-comedy about a young man who lives as if it is 1928 or so, and his encounters with modern-day women and modern-day criminals.

Fantasy-comedy about a young man who lives as if it is 1928 or so, and his encounters with modern-day women and modern-day criminals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lawson T (mx) wrote: this one is actualy scary the musics realy good. best horror i've seen in a long time

Megs M (br) wrote: clever, loved how it continued on from the orginal.... brilliant

Ahkah L (ca) wrote: Pretty funny. great storyline.

Bob G (kr) wrote: 2 hours of my life - gone!

Uros T (es) wrote: A really awesome and touching documentary with great story. A lot of great shots, very cool people and a lot of soccer skills are big part of this film and if you are into soccer you are going to love it.

Michael H (us) wrote: The struggles of a family living in Nazi-occupied Holland and the sometimes good, sometimes bad choices the teenage son makes in finding his role. A side of WWII we don't often see on film.

Sean W (it) wrote: amazing film! really extraordinary

Alexander C (ca) wrote: ''Go as you wish. That which is yours will always return to you. That which you take will always be taken from you.''At the end of the Civil War, a colonel hunts down a man with whom he has a grudge.Liam Neeson: CarverPierce Brosnan: GideonSeraphim Falls is a western which boasts some fantastic landscapes and scenery and a plot that is a chase. What starts as a man hunting another for revenge and vengeance escalates into a climactic showdown.I love how the film doesn't give you a black or white perspective of a good guy bad guy. Sometimes in life there isn't either and Seraphim Falls shows this. Each man having a reason for his actions, a price paid by a past unable to be forgotten.Both men are connected on a level which i found fascinating even their dreams overlapping in one instance totally sucked me in.Pierce Brosnan was fantastic as the bearded Wonderfully named Gideon who's on the run from Carver. He has a charisma and resourcefulness in his role that has to marveled at.Liam Neeson as Carver is a cold intelligent man haunted by the past as he tries to track down Gideon. As it progresses we find that all is not what appears to be.My only downside is that it tends to get abit boring in some areas yet makes up for it with its symbolism in others especially as it nears the final showdown in the desert.The result is a revelation that will pack a powerful impact on the emotions.

Heidi G (fr) wrote: La historia es muy buena, pero la verdad el final no me gusto nada!!!

Renee H (gb) wrote: It was a good movie,go and check it out if you haven't already.Those of you that are sending me IM's I ain't gonna answer.Just send me a talk message.I will not reply back to your IM's I will close it off and act like it doesn't exist.Thank you!

Ash M (br) wrote: Probably my 2nd favorite Lynch movie after Blue Velvet

Andr D (jp) wrote: Peter Ustinov interpreta al famoso detective Hercules Poirot, creado por Agatha Christie, en la adaptacin de su novela "Muerte en el Nilo". Un maravilloso diseo de vestuario, una bella fotografa y un elenco de lujo, que incluye a David Niven, Mia Farrow, Bette Davis, Maggie Smith, Angela Lansbury, George Kennedy y Jane Birkin, entre otros, hacen de esta pelcula un trabajo elegante y muy entretenido.

Mark T (ru) wrote: Great cast, superb acting, brilliant script, the best film on Football hooliganism (along with The Firm {1988}, which Phil Davis co- starred in).Reece Dinsdale (why is he wasting his talent on Corrie?) is one of four policemen who go undercover and infiltrate a gang of football hooligans hoping to route out their leaders. For him, the line between 'job' and 'yob' becomes more unclear as time passes ....

Gregg P (ag) wrote: Ulee (Peter Fonda) is a beekeeper who produces some of the finest honey available, Tupelo Gold. While there is some very interesting material on beekeeping, this is essentially a good story about a somewhat dysfunctional family. Ulee is a widower raising his two granddaughters on his own while his son is in prison and his daughter-in-law has run off. The cast includes Patricia Richardson (Home Improvement) as a Nurse that lives next door and a potential love interest for Ulee. While Ulee's eldest daughter is played by Jessica Biel in one of her first film roles , I really appreciated the depiction of a character acting heroically in the face of adversity without resorting to the violence that is so common in many hollywood pictures. The film was written, directed, edited and shot by Victor Nunez on a very limited budget, but I did not find any such limitations at all obvious in the execution. Features an Oscar nominated performance from Peter Fonda, who won numerous awards for the role including a Golden Globe.