Man of Violence

Man of Violence

Moon (Michael Latimer) is a mercenary who joins forces with two crooked cops in an attempt to steal 90 million dollars in gold from an Arab country decimated by political chaos. Sex, violence and mayhem accompany the group of double-crossing heavies who covet the purloined loot. A bevy of females willingly submit to seduction, and a sadistic homosexual murderer trails Moon and his malevolent gang for the gold in this compelling crime drama.

A mercenary joins forces with 2 crooked cops in an attempt to steal a fortune in gold bullion from a corrupt Arab country. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kimberley T (fr) wrote: Loved it! We need more animals and marine life movies.

Shirley P (fr) wrote: We need more movies trying to recreate the magic that is "For a Good Time Call" the same way we don't need any more "American Pie" sequels and knock-offs.

Alex O (gb) wrote: A rather depressing subject and film, But it delivers with great acting and high emotion in my opinion.

Joe M (mx) wrote: Fun flick that doesn't over tax the brain. Great for the youngsters.

Brian K (gb) wrote: Entertaining accross the board.

Hou Boun K (mx) wrote: I am not completely familiar with Hong Kong's cinema and film standards but I can't say it's in any way impressive.Chan's acting is more fluent in Chinese but it's only acceptable. The dialogue is cheesy and the story is badly written. The choreographed fight scenes is pretty much the only thing that encourages me to keep watching the film.

David M (us) wrote: One of the funniest football movies.

jamie w (au) wrote: Crazy and fun to watch.

janis r (de) wrote: this is my fav movie eva i think bec i got inspired by the name so now i want a little girl to have that name Savannah

Eric P (br) wrote: Wait, I think this is the one with the killer Boy-Band. If so, it's really really funny.

Brett H (nl) wrote: This kung fu classic still works today with it's impressive fight choreography, tight direction, and memorable moments featuring the legend himself, Bruce Lee. The story is a simple revenge tale, but the island locale and diverse group of fighters in the tournament keep it fresh engaging. Bruce Lee really was the man, and his astounding speed and martial arts skills were in a league of their own, and his presence on-screen is felt. The climactic fight in the hall of mirrors is exceptional and the villain was almost James Bond-esque with a deadly, interchangeable left hand. It's a shame that this was Lee's first and final film in Hollywood before his death, but he left behind a great legacy which spawned many imitators *cough* Mortal Kombat!

Russell G (fr) wrote: It's a bit shameless in the "Look how great we stars are!" presentation, but it's harmless fun with some good musical numbers. Roy Rogers steals the show, doing the better version of "Don't Fence Me In". I'm sure Trigger was horribly abused at some point, but man, that horse sure could dance!

Dylan W (ag) wrote: Still my favorite Kurosawa film. This two part series is so vital and powerful.

Trent G (ca) wrote: While a decent drama, and with some good performances & scenes, it wasn't Spielberg's best, & the PTSD/sex ending was strange.

drain b (de) wrote: awesome low budge 1960's sci-fi cult classic. Roger Corman is amazing.. need i say more?