Man on the Edge

A gangster is chosen to become a shaman. How can he balance his totally opposite life, between beating people and helping people. Then, his boss coincidentally hates shaman.

What if your fate was changed with a blink? The double life of a gangster and a shaman starts now!

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Users reviews

David W (es)

The title is pretty funny, but the film itself is a bit of a mess of trying to be Forrest Gump or Bad Grandpa; Love the Old Man Make-Up though

Demonic N (nl)

This looks really crap

Edmund P (au)

he satisfying spiderman is a more suited title. If Spiderman needed rebooting in the new decade then this does the gob, that's it, it's not bad , but it does not amaze like the previous series

Hli L (it)

Words cannot describe how thankful I am for cinema like this. Nuri Bilge Ceylan has officially earnt a spot in my heart and is quite clearly one of the most talented filmmakers alive

Kyle B (de)

Great costumes, sound design, and art direction as well. It's one of Jonathan Demme's lesser works that I have seen but it isn't a bad movie per say. It's a fine movie with a great performance from Goldie Hawn and Christine Lahti

Michael D (br)

Not the best superman movie, but I love them all

Mireille D (jp)

L'histoire de la pub. L'histoire d'une crosse

Terri S (jp)

Great actors - great movie - surprise ending!!!

Thomas A (it)

Nonetheless, the buildup of suspense does pay off in the end. The style of the movie is typical of 1990s fiction. Predictable plot, little action

xGary X (fr)

It concentrates more on the soldier on the ground than trying to sketch out the big picture, showing that there is a thin line between heroism and mental illness and although the climax is a little lacking in closure, it's a powerful and realistic war film ranking amongst the best. In fact the entire cast are great (especially James Coburn who would co-star with McQueen again in The Magnificent Seven), the banter and comedy of the earlier scenes really nicely balanced with some brutal battle scenes later in the film. Steve McQueen shows his star quality as an embittered and possibly shell-shocked ex-sergeant who takes matters into his own hands when they are discovered and his performance is fantastic. Hell Is For Heroes was directed by Don Siegel who went on to become one of the best directors of hard-boiled action thrillers around (Dirty Harry being the most famous example) and he shows his skill for economy and gritty violence in this unpretentious and authentic depiction of combat. A squad of six US soldiers are ordered to hold a section of The Siegfried Line alone during WWII and so come up with ever more creative ways to disguise their numbers