Man on the Roof

Man on the Roof

Police lieutenant Nyman is murdered in his hospital bed and Martin Beck and his colleagues have another murder to solve. They discover that Nyman was a very tough policeman who received ...

Police lieutenant Nyman is murdered in his hospital bed and Martin Beck and his colleagues have another murder to solve. They discover that Nyman was a very brutal and tough policeman who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cheryl L (de) wrote: Disaapointing twist, overall movie just seemed a cheap ripoff of Saw.

TINA H (gb) wrote: Do NOT like Monique!

Al M (ag) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised by Dead Meat. It has its own take on the zombie legend: sleeping zombies, mutated mad cow virus, etc. It also makes itself creepy as hell, especially during the night sequences where the characters are forced to travel through the Irish countryside using only a single torch. Well worth checking out for fans of zombie films. McMahon's short film called "Brain Eater" which is included in the special features is also a nice, comical, ten minute treat.

Brittney M (us) wrote: Thats a Bunch of Bulll Shit is what that was!!!

Maci J (it) wrote: Oliver James and Amanda Bynes did a wonderful job acting together. I loved this movie.

Sarah K (us) wrote: Overall, the movie flopped. The storyline would be pretty good if it were not ruined by the awful forced accents, the clich (C) situations, horrible songs, overly-gutsy acting and cheap costumes. The only thing I enjoyed in the slightest was how it was historically accurate (more or less) including themes about urbanization, child labor, strikes and the newspaper. But keep in mind, this movie was produced by Disney. What do you expect? Definitely on the low end of the Disney movie spectrum.

Jim S (ag) wrote: Another solid entry into a great trilogy. This one features some great things, such as:-Dildo electrocution-A silly and confusing backstory about an uncle who maybe molested a little boy? I don't know, you won't either, it doesn't matter-More killings with a power drill-More boobs-Awkward strip teases-A guy named Ken-Police who don't believe wacky teens, leading to said teen's deathsAs you can see, this movie's got it all. Rent it.

Allan C (ru) wrote: Rock and Roll, Australian stuntmen, magic tricks and wizards! Sound ridiculous? Well, it is, but it's also surprisingly entertaining, although it was hard to tell if I was ironically enjoying the film or actually getting into the story of a crazy stuntman handing out with magic/wizard obsessed rock band Sorcery. From cult director Brian Trenchard-Smith of "Escape 2000" and "BMX Bandits" fame.

James K (au) wrote: Possibly Alfred Hitchcock's best film. Vertigo is not meant to be taken at face value - to dismiss Vertigo as a suspense/mystery film is a crime! Every aspect of the movies is crafted to add to the dreamlike plot - color, costumes, sets, camera all add to the story.

Anissa L (it) wrote: Not a conventional plot but the same story from three different perspectives

Dedy D (br) wrote: Great story about spiritual journey, a concept so close to my heart, yet poorly executed. If the duration was shorter, watching Eat Pray Love could be one truly enjoyable self- finding moment. But long as it is, it got boring and tedious in the middle of the story.

Saku N (mx) wrote: I loved it...and it threw me for a loop at the end....