Man on the Train

Man on the Train

A man, Milan (played by Johnny Hallyday) steps off a train, into a small French village. As he waits for the day when he will rob the town bank, he runs into an old retired poetry teacher named M. Manesquier (Jean Rochefort). The two men strike up a strange friendship and explore the road not taken, each wanting to live the other's life.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:pianist,   criminal,   gun,  

A teacher and a gangster meet by chance in a small town pharmacy. As a friendship of sorts develops between these opposite personalities, each starts to envy the other and by the week's end... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric C (mx) wrote: There are parts and certain scenes in the movie that were top notch as far as storytelling and filmmaking goes. However, I can't say I agree with its storytelling logic or some trivialization of the blind.

Niklas S (it) wrote: I actually liked this... Straight to DVD action is getting better by the year. Viva Romania!

Jennifer C (jp) wrote: A wake up call to our broken school system, that has some how managed to become even more broken after this documentary was made.

Rihan P (au) wrote: A dark comedy as the dad comes across so strict & difficult to warm towards. Certainly doesn't have the feel good factor of Bend it like Beckham

Janis A (br) wrote: Funny and heartwarming Love-road movie.

Joshua L (ca) wrote: this movie was ok, it actually wudda been a real good movie if it got a hollywood treatment instead of low budget

Robyn (br) wrote: "How She Move" is an energetic, tale about a gifted young woman who defies all the rules as she step dances her heart out to achieve her dreams.yes In many ways, this film is like other dance and performance movies before it,as It begins with a tragic event and It will end with a performance on which the leading character rests her future.

Carlos G (mx) wrote: Yes this gangster crime thriller is great, it spotlights the truth of trafficking and the hideous way these people go about it. The action is brutal and spot on, the storyline is excellent.

Dai L (br) wrote: Supposedly the Japanese version of "A Walk to Remember," but better, I liked this film a lot more after initially watching it than I do now, about a half year later. The performances are great, especially from the younger cast, but the story is overwrought with spiky emotion and an almost unbelievable relationship between the protagonists. I don't know, I doubt I'd watch it again to see the effect, but it went from 4.5 to 3.5. I personally blame Korean films for this drop, because they consistently use the whole disease bullcrap to explain everything away, making me retch at any movie that contain disease as a plotline. Damn you, Korean cinema, damn you to hell. Shepai indeed. Kagaliseeeeee shibaraseki ohh.

Evan H (es) wrote: this movie was good, if not a little awkward. I can't say too much for this except it has good acting and script.

Ps G (it) wrote: Harrison Ford is the best in his kind.

Eric N (ru) wrote: Another movie by the Three Brothers in 1983. Not great, not bad. It's typical 80s style action-professionalism/wacky hijinx-slapstick. This is the opposite of the usual though -- The comedy works pretty well, the story is surprisingly decent, the fights however are undercranked so much that "Yackety Sax" is sorely missing. If you like the light-hearted comedy side of the "Three Brothers", this is great just like Winners and Sinners, but if you want a dose of intensity, stick to Project A, Dragons Forever, or their individual starring roles.

Kato H (ag) wrote: I never heard of the movie before & managed to just start watching it!! WHAT A GREAT FLICK!!! simple to follow, with comedy and drama all mixed together! Peck & Bacall, what a match! and thanx maxx ;o))

Peter G (br) wrote: 3.5--would highly recommend as a noir.

Katerra B (ru) wrote: Terrible movie, very few scenes that were actually funny. I think the writers and actors tried a little too hard to be funny, too extreme.

Andy S (ca) wrote: I fricking love this movie.

Alex F (fr) wrote: Wayne's World is truly hilarious, with clever jokes, neat performances and great writing, a movie full of iconic quotes and hilarious scenes, sometimes it may come over the top, but that's part of its charm and unique style.