Man to Man

Man to Man

An epic about anthropologists who hunt and capture pygmies for study back in Europe, in an attempt to illustrate the link between man and ape.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:122 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:spear,   rifle,   pistol,  

An epic about anthropologists who hunt and capture pygmies for study back in Europe, in an attempt to illustrate the link between man and ape. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Palm S (it) wrote: Wow this is fun!!! :)

Phil P (ag) wrote: Just okay. Surprised to learn the original book was by the same author who wrote L.A. Confidential. Somewhere along the line the formula for the movie in no way delivers the same punch. Still, enjoyable.

Carlos I (us) wrote: Decent spookhouse movie, with a pretty cool twist, but nothing really new or noteworthy here. It's okay for a timewaster though...

Michael O (ca) wrote: I have to say that this movie is pretty good

Elad W (br) wrote: Truly an amazing movie and a modern classic. I think that this movie is almost as good as Frozen but I'll give Frozen the victory because the songs on it were better. I really liked the fact that Tangled is a mix of many genres such as Drama, Comedy and Fantasy and has so many exciting moments who can make you feel many different emotions. Most of the songs were good enough and Rapunzel and Pacal were the higlights of the film. I really recommend everyone to watch it, it's Disney in its finest.

Samantha S (us) wrote: Beautiful movie, wonderful soundtrack.

Private U (de) wrote: The first Abbott and Costello I've seen, and I was severely bored and disappointed. The antics are too absurd to feign belief. Didn't age well.

saif a (ag) wrote: I loooooooooove this movie ??

Clayton W (fr) wrote: Boudu Saved From Drowning is a brilliantly funny and well-acted comedy in the vein of Pygmalion. The performances are fantastic, especially the titular tramp, and the diegetic score and long shots add a great realism, as does the refusal to settle for a Hollywood ending. A beautiful film.

SR K (fr) wrote: Camp X-Ray held my attention, I really became interested in watching this relationship with a female guard and prisoner develop. The relationship had a messy start and in all reality, it's a little difficult to believe there would be any opportunity at all for these two characters to form any kind of bond. They are literally the only two guard/inmates having any dialog at all..but still, I found myself tensing up whenever they did talk, thinking she'd be disciplined at any moment..but the only discipline she really got was from a rejected superior. These prisoners face real isolation and literally have no worthwhile human contact. I wish, since the movie was testing boundaries of discovery anyway, I had been able to learn more about the prisoner. Just beiing talkative wasn't enough.. but what do you expect at Guantanamo Bay. I believe this man is innocent and it's difficult to accept "detainees" can be kept for so long without any effort to prove if they have guilty people or not. 8 yrs is a long time to be detained.

Jenny B (ca) wrote: First of all, where can I find a hot springs like the one depicted in this film? I liked how different the two old friends in this film had become. One is so uptight, and the other so irresponsible. For me, it's all about how much people change as they age, and whether or not they can remain friends as their lives take different paths. I couldn't recommend this to moviegoers without a lot of patience. This director is subtle. I love that, but I realize the pacing isn't for everyone.

Peter D (br) wrote: To The Wonder is a masterpiece. Dialogue is not necessary. The amazing cast certainly gives the movie impact. I watched this for a second time yesterday. Because there is no real dialogue the story is open to some interpretation. To The Wonder is a very beautiful film. The post apocalyptic like American suburban landscape is frightening. The American countryside is stunning. The bison are stars on their own; the scenes with Ben and Rachel with the bison are extraordinary.

talal w (au) wrote: Very badm movie,one ofw worst animation i ever seen of my life bad character one of worstm movie oft this year

Blais E (ag) wrote: Depending on your sensibilities, this is either a sweet, almost lyrical statement about progressive, forward-thinking young people with no sexual hang-ups, or a smutty, soft-core sex-romp with ample female skin on display. Being the open-minded yet salacious pervert I am, I say, why not a little of both? Lucky Peter Gallagher travels with his girlfriend (A lean and lovely Darryl Hannah at her lankiest-) to Greece and meets a beautiful cat-eyed Archaeology student (The stunning Valerie Quennessen, who unfortunately made only a handful of movies due to her untimely death-) and all three embark on a free-wheeling, uninhibited menage-a-trois which eventually becomes a three-way affair of the heart. Very scandalous taboo subject-matter for the time, but well-acted among the three principles, with gorgeous cinematography, and a refreshingly-open and honest European-style approach to sex and all its trappings.