Helmed by Edmond O'Brien, this slick crime thriller stars Jeffrey Hunter as naïve Matt Jameson, whose Korean War pal Vince Biskay (David Janssen) talks Matt into helping commandeer nearly $4 million from a Central American dictator. After Vince is wounded in a gun battle as they're making off with the loot, the duo holes up at Matt's house -- where his boozy, promiscuous wife (Stella Stevens) puts the moves on Vince.

During the Korean War, Matt saves the life of his buddy, Vince, who promises that someday he'll repay Matt by cutting him in on a million dollars. Eight years later Matt is in the midst of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Man-Trap torrent reviews

Corinna O (de) wrote: This film was boring at first but it became interesting at times.

Luc T (us) wrote: Effects were pretty good in it :) a nice afternoon movie when you're bored.

Ankur S (ag) wrote: The movie does show both sides of the issue, but in such a too-dramatic, unreal and boring way, that it made me think what if they would have made it in Bhopali instead of pure hindi :).And eventually, it lost the plot and became another heroism of BigB.On top of that, it's 3 hours. Sheer torture :(.

Connor S (ag) wrote: American's and people in general who don't understand the traditions and culture of the oldest empire on earth shouldn't try too hard to understand every aspect of this film, which took 3 years and boast an ensemble of the world's smartest board of directors, producers, and screenwriters. Every movement in the film has subtleties that, unless you are versed in idioms, fables, and even neo-classical politics, you wouldn't appreciate the full nature of this film.Allow me to explain one of the film's thousands of subtleties. The very fact that this film was released is artistic merit because it wrapped its message in increasingly convoluted, but easy to understand metaphors, which prevents the censors from deleting the film before it is released. Unless you watch the film multiple times, you will completely miss the subtleties, since the director cuts off most messages half-way, but leaves you with enough clues to figure out the rest of the message.This all goes to show the ignorance of people who dismiss this film as a trivial gore fest, since it reveals them to be wholly ignorant of politics, as well as unwilling to look past the plot.

Robyn M (us) wrote: Uma Thurman is undoubtably 1 of Hollywoods leading ladies, and has done her share of excellence in Kill Bill Franchise, and The Truth about Cats and Dogs.That every actress has there stink bomb movies. Motherhood, bodies the emphasis of trying to be relateble for domestic mothers alike, with a philosphical approach that's canny and precocious. Somewhere between the deabolical bad choices of leaving her 2 year old in a car, on a hot day, without supervision, NO seatbelt and smoking within 2 feet of the kid. I lost my patients and respect for the whole movie altogether! There's a fine line between stupid choices and bad humor.

Adam U (jp) wrote: I'm all for a movie that shows tits but it was pretty stupid ,

Zakk M (gb) wrote: This movie just goes to show that Meatloaf was right all along.

Kristen M (br) wrote: I disagree. The movie was hilarious, mostly because it looked like it was a homemade video. The acting also made it great... Van Helsing was too funny...The dracula changed about 3 times throughout the movie... I guess you have to have a good sense of humor to like this movie.

Rory C (ru) wrote: This film does not need a description just watch it and learn the truth.

Sunil J (es) wrote: Pretty shitty. It was basically softcore gay porn with a Poe theme. Kinda liked it as a background movie though but Madeline Usher was not well cast at all.

Luca V (ru) wrote: this film is the only not surreal bunuel film that I've watched. I mean, this can happen for real. You know, the priest that gives everything to beggars, rascals. The priest that cures a stabbed whore, and then is thrown out of the Catholic Church, then he wanders around the Mexican Country, and people believe he is a miracle man. By the way, the priest is performed by a former electrician. So, next time you call an electrician, be very kind to him. He could be a disguised Jesus Christ

Orlok W (br) wrote: Downbeat western with miscast Cooper--A very odd coincidence but still a good western!!

Raven M (us) wrote: Nice fun movie to send off with.

Lovyn L (de) wrote: Wonderful setting wasted with poor cinematography. Disturbing storyline dulled by the usual gore-and-gristle fare.