A traveling art saleswoman tries to shake off a flaky motel manager who falls for her and won't leave her alone.

Sue, a workaholic, is a traveling saleswoman peddling cheap art to motels and then she meets Mike, a lonely flaky motel manager. Now Sue has to try her best to shake off Mike who falls for her and won't leave her alone. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kade C (ag) wrote: While Cars has very satisfying animation, the story is very dull, and a few of the characters fall flat during some of their comedic efforts.

Jen T (kr) wrote: my daughter owns it and I watch it more than she does

Kalel (br) wrote: What a jump starter, what a kid

Rodney L (de) wrote: by far probably one of the best docs i have ever seen.

Grayson W (ag) wrote: The story of a little girl who grew up to become a dementedly frightful drunken ghost clown. More of a thriller, but Jane's caked white makeup and black mascara result in some of the most disturbing imagery in all of horror. A very dark and suspenseful film.

Michael B (ru) wrote: This movie is great! If you've seen Ridley Scotts Gladiator, then you must take a look at this one. The fight scenes are kinda corny by todays standards but this is one of the early films that probably inspired many other films with the same theme today (Gladiator is a fine example). BUT i must say one thing: You must see The Robe to understand this one since this movie is the natural continuation of The Robe.

Christopher K (jp) wrote: Excellent plot. Animation took a hit from the quality that the TAS known for.At least it wasn't stupid CGI

David L (kr) wrote: Foreign Correspondent looks amazing with absolutely spectacular cinematography, just brilliant and unforgettable set design and great effects, but it is ultimately just a solid movie which is not what you'd come to expect from The Master of Suspense. The script is problematic, the film is overly convoluted, the pacing is all over the place and the characters are forgettable. It is one of Hitchcock's weakest 1940s efforts.

Andrew M (jp) wrote: Rio is a great animated movie. The plot of the movie is entertaining and brilliant. This movie has some laughs and is great. I would suggest this movie.