Marcos has never had a girlfriend. Mattias has been with the same girl for way too long. That's the upbeat of Swedish-Chilean director Manuel Conchas first feature, where two child hood ...

Marcos has never had a girlfriend. Mattias has been with the same girl for way too long. That's the upbeat of Swedish-Chilean director Manuel Conchas first feature, where two child hood ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cody C (nl) wrote: I like the second one the most, but this one does some good things. Fun kuleshov effect stuff, plus scenes of horror in well-lit rooms.

Harbaksh S (us) wrote: 'If all the discarded parts were used to build another ship, which of the two, if either, is the real Ship of Theseus?'A gem. Purity of cinema. Simple. Breathtaking. Thought provoking. You won't feel like leaving the theatre after watching a film like this. Slow, yes. But beautiful, artistic. If you appreciate independent cinema, this one will make you stand up and clap! :) If you 'watch' the film and not just 'see' it, it will leave you with so many thoughts at the same time, you'd wish all stories were told this way!On the whole, one of the finest ways of storytelling I've seen come from Indian cinema!

Minna K (fr) wrote: Wonderful and funny!!!

Travis H (nl) wrote: Well made, directed, and acted, and a strong premise. But somehow, it never manages to pull us into to feeling anything, and for whatever reason the ending doesn't have the effect that it should. Not bad though, some affecting scenes, and Todschini and Caravaca fit vey nicely into their roles. B-:fresh:

Hina A (kr) wrote: this is another quietly amazing performance from Christensen - he and Lena Olin make this movie spectacular and well worth watching

Calum B (de) wrote: Thomas The Tank Engine has been known for being the most popular TV show made for children of all ages and it goes on for generations ever since, and for some reason, it was based on the Shining Time Station TV show (the only show that I've haven't watched).The story focuses on Mr. Conductor as his magic gold dust is running low. Desperate to find it in order to get back to Shining Time, he embarks on a journey to Sodor to find the magic gold dust there. Meanwhile, Thomas the tank engine tries to find off the attacks of the evil Diesel 10 before he finds the lost steam engine and destroys it. Getting all the help from his cousin, his new friend Lily, and her grandfather, Mr. Conductor helps find the engine that has been hidden for years in order to find all of the magic gold dust that has also been hidden.What's so bad about this film? The storyline was inconsistent, in my opinion. It had a lot of flaws and plot holes I don't even know how many they were. The storytelling was very poor, and even the script was so bland.What's so good about this film? The cinematography was creative, the acting wasn't half bad, the pacing moves along very nicely, the visuals were great the music score was very good, and most of all, it had the potential of the TV show despite the fact that the critics said it got Americanized. Just a reminder as well, this is a kids movie and those kids can ignore the problems that I've already stated.Overall, I used to like this film as a child when it was first released and despite its flaws, it's still a good film that everyone should enjoy. Thomas and the Magic Railroad isn't a great film, but it doesn't have to be since it did what it had set out to do. It might be worth-watching if you give it a chance.

M C (it) wrote: A well made, creative western. Dead Man is an excellent film without much else like it, the film style is beautiful and unique.

ornitorinco v (kr) wrote: Grodin shows that Mr Average looks hide a good actor. Belushi overtakes his brother. Original story, great realization.

Scott R (fr) wrote: Cheesy and fun, but if you like ABBA then this is a must see!

Robbie N (ca) wrote: Dog Days is good for a laugh here and there, but no strong storyline or hilarious scenes. It often lets itself drift away from the point, and it is nothing compared to the books.

Dax S (ag) wrote: Not my favourite movie, but it wasn't bad.

Indu R (it) wrote: A good action. Good cast. Wish they elaborated more on the death of Salma Hayek's character.

Alex G (es) wrote: I don't know if this is just me but the graphics were horrible

Manch F (us) wrote: Boring and insipid, perhaps the worst iteration of the character ever put on the big screen. Seriously, the execution of that Uncle Ben death scene was awful.

Tanya J (mx) wrote: It's got tennis in it.

Sean M (br) wrote: This movie SUCKS!!!!!! It took the title of "Worst football movie ever" away from blindeside.