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Despina P (ca) wrote: I think the best one piece movie so far. An interesting canon new world story along with lots of fighting and one piece gags.

Ilanit I (es) wrote: wow! i just started watching Indian movies after three idiot5s and this is an amazing one!joe.

Its R (fr) wrote: A wonderful movie with that redifines friendship well and beautifully enough.. worth is the human bonding between the three characters!

Sarah T (ru) wrote: Two stars is generous for this film. The eye candy is what makes it worth a rental but definitely not ownable.

David D (gb) wrote: This film's two stars both give excellent performances. De Niro plays his role in a bravura manner that is exactly what the character requires. Paul Dano, on the other hand, gives a subtle and underplayed performance in his role. You might expect this to result in De Niro overwhelming the more subtle performance of Dano but it seemed to me that both held their ground equally well. The story is not a simple one with a standard plotline. The characters and the performances conveying those characters are all solid and believable. A truly fine drama drawn from the real life of author Nick Flynn.

Jonathan D (ru) wrote: While there's plenty to say about this third (and apparently final) film in the groundbreaking Toy Story series, if you at all enjoy movies, you've likely seen it or are planning to see it. Toy Story 3 continues the franchise's tradition of telling stories that tap into the sense of wonder and imagination in adults and children alike. Like all of Pixar's movies, the characters, comedy, and storytelling brim with more ingenuity, wit, and heart than nearly anything else on the market. They don't just make great children's films or great family films, they make great films, period. Like last year's Up, Toy Story 3 explores poignant themes of aging and mortality while wowing audiences with thrilling adventure and humor that puts competitors to shame. It is as charming as the first two films, with the advantage of ten years' advancement in computer animation and a screenplay that is truly touching. Highly recommended for the whole family (except the youngest of children; our heroes are put in grave peril, which may frighten or disturb them).

Ja f (nl) wrote: This movie is one of my all time favorites. The acting is brilliant and the humor is off the wall. Whenever you're having a bad day I recommend this movie for a great laugh.

Virginie F (es) wrote: Un film qui vous fera aimer le cinma italien ^^ Au fond le pitch est tout simple, mais il reprsente bien les angoisses qui naissent des relations entre hommes et femmes.

Joe V (it) wrote: A musical entertaining video brought upon by the talented Donny Osmond playing Joseph, son of Jacob, who is destined to help rule egypt. Donny's performance, as well as the entire cast, is 100% energy. The movie is one I can watch forever and never get tired of it.

Sam M (jp) wrote: A mix between Dumb And Dumber and something worse, but it's quite funny.

Matt K (jp) wrote: In 8th graded I learned everything about high school by watching this movie. Watching it again there are so many interesting details--highly recommended.

Cresswell S (de) wrote: Hackman is one of the few actors to hold his own against Lee Marvin.

Scott R (ru) wrote: The history and feel of Tokyo post WWII made this worth seeing. It also seemed almost like a continuation of Casablanca with his night club and trying to get back with his girl. I also enjoyed the whole judo scene between friends. Bogart was a bit old, but still holds his own. Hayakawa is perfect as a bad guy and to have Marly as a Russian girl added some intrigue.

Craig B (ag) wrote: [i]Compulsion[/i], filmed in 1959 by Richard Fleischer, is based on the famous Leopold-Loeb trial of 1924. The real case was billed as the "Trial of the Century" by the press, and Americans couldn't stop talking about it. At the heart of the buzz were the two accused murderers, Nathan Leopold, Jr. (aged 19) and Richard Loeb (aged 18,) the sons of two affluent families. They were rich, well-respected, and extremely intelligent, having already completed college, and as such were initially above suspicion for having committed the murder of teenager Bobby Franks. Under pressure from intense investigation, however, they finally admitted to the murder, and even began to brag about the details. They were both fans of philosopher Friedrich Neitzche, and as such, they considered themselves Supermen, above the laws of normal society. They thought that they could pull off the perfect crime, and planned to do so just for the thrill. Clarence Darrow, one of the most respected defense attorneys of his time and an outspoken opponent of the death penalty, was brought in to keep the boys from the gallows. His speech in defense of the murderers is considered one of the best of his career. And this is where [i]Compulsion[/i] gets its power. Many of the arguments made in the film come straight from the trial transcripts, and are masterfully delivered by Orson Welles as Jonathan Wilk (the character based on Darrow.) He knows the murderers are guilty, but his moral conviction against capital punishment compels him to take the case and fight for their lives. Knowing that a trial by jury will likely end in execution, Wilk enters pleas of guilty. He then sets out to convince the judge that capital punishment isn't a practice that a moral nation should endorse. E.G. Marshall matches Welles' intensity as District Attorney Harold Horn, whose expert sleuthing and interrogating catch the young murderers in their own web of deception. He's equally convinced that the death penalty is fitting punishment for the boys...after all, they planned the murder, executed the plan, and show no remorse for the boy whose life they took. It's the viewpoints of these two characters that turn [i]Compulsion[/i] into a real potboiler. Dean Stockwell and Bradford Dillman are strong as Judd and Artie, the movie's murderous Leopold and Loeb counterparts. If you haven't seen this film, treat yourself and rent it. Welles' small performance alone is reason enough for the rental.

Rubens M (kr) wrote: Artistically beautiful, Moonrise Kingdom offers a different experience for the usual moviegoer. The characters are engaging but the plot development is disappointing..

Michael V (fr) wrote: "I'll kill anyone who get's in the way of me killing anyone." With half the cast of Young Frankenstein, and half Monty Python + Cheech and Chong the laughs are plentiful. But overall, the movie fails on many levels, but it is a classic because of the players involved. You'll be disappointed if you expect this to be another Monty Python outing. Loved David Bowie's cameo and Madeline Kahn's pluckiness. James Mason, however, looks vaguely uncomfortable and bored.

Callum O (ca) wrote: All star cast churn out some half decent performances, but barely earn a laugh the whole drawn out 100 minutes. Also the most bizarre side storyline I've seen in years with the Alan arkin and Amanda seyfreid romance.

Tracy C (fr) wrote: An amazing outlook of Aussies doing it hard. Main character was riveting. Fantastic movie.