The evil Count Draculon and his army of demons have conquered Earth, but a young soldier who lost his life in the first war against Hell has reawakened in the future as MANBORG! Together with a crew of post-apocalyptic rebels, the half-man half-machine hero will fight to defeat Draculon and take back the planet!

Count Draculon and his Nazi vampire want to invade the Earth during the Hell Wars. Matthew Kennedy, a dead soldier, is reborn by being transformed into Manborg in order to fight against the Count Draculon demons. In the resistance, he receives the help of other elite man such as a gunfighter or a martial arts expert. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Manborg torrent reviews

Sebastin B (ru) wrote: Although really long, this movie is entertaining. I know I've missed half the jokes because of the translation but I was able to get the sense of them.

Qhulk J (es) wrote: Soaring IMAX documentary about the creation and launch of the Mars Rovers. As the movie says their successful take off from Earth and landing on Mars was like shooting a basketball from Los Angeles and having it land in New York thru the hoop without touching the sides. Truly an epic achievement for the human race. The documentary uses CGI to show us what the Mars Rovers launch would be like, the journey, the landing and their travels on Mars and you would swear you were there yourself. I've seen every IMAX documentary in 2008 and this one is my favorite.

Arum Padma O (fr) wrote: For you who familiar with criminal films might find this one uncomfortable, but even for you who doesn't you still can see how ridiculous the theory was, and the twist is not a wow moment, the characters have potential to be the cool psychos, but they didn't reach that. Quite pointless I suppose, but still an ok movie, especially for you who need to see Eddie Redmayne so badly lol

Nart H (br) wrote: yes it's very beautiful

Clive F (au) wrote: A good, heart-warming movie. Great central performances and although It's pretty predictable it's great shots and soundtrack make it an entertaining watch.

Bryce P (ru) wrote: There is no way this movie could be remade or re-told today, at all.

Luc P (mx) wrote: Hands down one of the most boring and dumbest films I've ever had to sit through.

Joey S (es) wrote: Hard to watch, not one of mel gibsons better movies

Alnissa S (ag) wrote: I don't care what some old critics has to say I Love all Tyler's movies, well except that Temptation thing. But this was funny

John K (br) wrote: STFU Alan! That should be most sensible people's reactions to the first 25 or so minutes of this tedious and slow-as-hell low budget flick. A pompous idiot director recruits a bunch of aspiring actors to help him with some amateur black magic meant to raise the dead from their graves. One could surmise by the film's title that it works, but only after 64 minutes of unfunny, poorly written, over-acted BS that's dominated by Alan Ormsby's smug rantings. Though this film is painfully low budget, that's really not an issue - the zombies are the best part. Though most of the makeup is poor, the zombie mayhem is ultimately enjoyable (the zombie actors are way more effective than the leads). The tricky part is making it through the amount of movie necessary to get to the final act - it's a great deal of self-important and "see how smart we are" dialogue with slow-paced, drawn-out scenes that really accomplish nothing. Zombie movie completists will certainly want this for the collection, but all others would e better to avoid it.

Francisco F (es) wrote: Un diamant noir, etrange et melancolique.