The film follows the differing lives of two Buddhist monks in Korea. By following their lives and their interaction throughout the film, Im creates a contemplation of the nature of individualism, religious belief and enlightenment.

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Mandala torrent reviews

Kayla L (it) wrote: bad bad bad bad bad...

Tom W (ca) wrote: Its a bit heavy handed in its attempt to make you care about the issue via real life examples rather than simply giving you all the facts up front, but it never takes away from what its trying to get across...the disease management, medical industrial complex of a monster that is the "health care system" of this country is not only broken, but close to being in complete shambles and the only way for it to change is for EVERYONE to be completely informed about what is actually would have been better suited to delve into why the system is so broken rather than just pounding away at the fact that it is in such a state...there is so much of this pseudo'factual propaganda contrived by certain political and economic groups and networks for nothing more than essentially brainwashing the American people in the hopes of maintaining of power and is a truly sickening notion...and the truth of the matter is that change can not be made until the root of the issue has been eradicated...burning the current 'infrastructure' and rebuilding a true health care and management system from its ashes may seem like an overly drastic step to take (and perhaps it really is too much to hope for), but until people really and truly understand that the only way major changes to come into affect is to take extreme actions nothing can or will happenOverall, I can only hope that what someone takes away from this film (or maybe even this short review/rant, depending on how you interpret) is that things need to change and the only way for that to happen to is spread better understanding on the issue and take action, no matter how large or small

Divine S (fr) wrote: Fascinating lore but what happened to the star? Where is Heidi? Dead? Transcended? It's a loose end which leaves it open to interpretation. Not for the dumb at heart.

Momin K (gb) wrote: Must watch!!! POMP!!

Ricardo H (gb) wrote: STAY far away as you can from wasting your time and money on this movie. I figured since I hadn't heard much about it, it was probably with unknown actors and a small budget, but this movie doesn't even make it to the "B" classification. In fact, it's more of "Z" movie. The script is very badly written, the acting is at best mediocre, and the dialogue is almost non-existent. Don't make the same mistake I made, this one is not worth watching

Romn H (au) wrote: Que malos efectos! :S

angel m (fr) wrote: I Am Glad Someone is doing something !!! Her ShockIng Tactics Are just what people need to Make them aware Nothing else would get attention .. All She Dose is for a cause That not many care about or turn A blind eye to .. Animal Abuse is allways At the edge Of Humanity Thank god their are Docudramas Like this .. Hopefully they are allways availible to those who want to know the truths of evils humans Commit on a daily basis *she goes into fur companys and smears blood on their windows hahahah you goo girl ;p

Joanna B (ru) wrote: During the early 1930's the world plummeted into the great depression, with only the promise of escapism rarely coming to town in the form of travelling circuses. Seemingly a magical place of wonder and spectacle, pull back the curtain and a darker more sinister reality becomes evident. The underlying truth of animals were bent to man's wills through extreme force, insubordinate sacked workers routinely thrown from moving trains and the fear of bankruptcy was always just under the faade surface. Capturing the beauty rather than the known travesty of this fascinating era is Sara Gruen's 2006, Water for Elephants. Brought to life in a stronger more streamlined screenplay, director Francis Lawrence grasps the grandeur of stage with both hands and deliver's a slow boiling old-fashioned story with minimal Hollywood sop and saccharine. Jacob Jankowski (Robert Pattinson) is an earnest and sensitive young man just about to sit his final exams in veterinary science at Cornell University when he receives news that his immigrant parents have died in a tragic car accident. Penniless and aimless, Jacob decides to follow rumours of employment and the railway tracks into a cities. However, in a surprisingly convenient leap of luck, Jacob jumps a random train that's home to the fabulous Benzini Brothers Circus. Starting off small in the big-top arena by shovelling poop and sweeping cages, Jacob quickly rises through the ranks by talking his way to the top as a practising vet and impressing struggling circus owner August Rosenbluth (Christoph Waltz).Jacob's assent coinciding with the acquisition of a new star attraction, a stubborn 53 year old "bull" elephant named Rosie, brings distension as he must work closely with the beautifully intoxicating lead starlet Marlena (Reece Witherspoon) August's wife in coaxing Rosie into the spotlight.Increasingly unstable and impatient August becomes obsessed with trumping the Ringling Brothers circus, ticket sales and the quick progression of Rosie's act. Brutally punishing her for her lack of performance, Augusts' iron fist-like rule drives a wedge between Marlena and himself, allowing the suspicion of an alluded relationship between the trusted vet and his wife to overwhelm. Although presented as "one of the worst circus disasters in history" the only thing 'worst' about this is the off-kilter casting of the uncomfortable and unconvincing ex-prositute turned headliner Reece Witherspoon opposite moody money shot heartthrob attempting adult roles, Robert Pattinson aka R-Pattz. Anchoring the whole production is the edgy and exemplary Christoph Waltz; personifying the glitz and glamour of subject whilst once again embracing the sadistic love-to-loathe characterisations of which he has down to a fine art. Sadly, R-Pattz dullness is amplified not only by the misfortune of having to share so much screen time with his upstaging Oscar winning human co-stars; who share a wonderful and painful chemistry when onscreen together (the only time we see Witherspoon in her element), but an elephant co-star that understands polish and can put away enough whisky to make a sailor blush.Another misstep is the exclusion of Gruen's great secondary characters, pushed aside for the sleeker story viewers miss out on some of the more rich and colourful carnies and the warm humour they brought to the book. The Verdict: Suffering from is bland and lacklustre conclusion, Water for Elephants gives the illusion of complete package but fails to fully deliver, it is nice however to watch Waltz wipe the floor with R-Pattz, figuratively and literally. Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 20/05/2011

Dimitri J (au) wrote: Une ressortie. Le film fut trait d?? Easy Rider facho sa sortie, mais il s??agit d??une vision encore plus dsenchante et moins nave de l??Amrique des 70??s.

monsieur r (fr) wrote: Unbelievably stupid. Who makes this stuff and who would pay to see it? Teenagers stumble across a prehistoric caveman, who goes on a rampage. Looks as though the Director made this film for his son who stars in it. And why does RT call this a romance genre? I guess it could be. Director: Arch Hall Sr. Writers: Bob Wehling (screenplay), Arch Hall Sr. (original story) Stars: Arch Hall Jr., Marilyn Manning and Richard Kiel

Gabriel D (es) wrote: Sansho the Bailiff is Kenji Mizoguchi's masterpiece. Superbly acted, scored, and shot, the film features what is likely one of the most powerful and devastating endings in the cinema.

Morris N (de) wrote: I wasn't that impressed with it. It's famous for the earthquake scene at the end, and it is worth seeing for that.

Donny N (it) wrote: One of my all-time favs!!!

Eric H (jp) wrote: A disappointment. It was predictable, unintelligent and terribly slow movie. It is terribly annoying, I could tell every next move. Don't waste time on this one, saw the original again instead.

Daniel C (mx) wrote: Though it makes me laugh on occasion, it is sadly nostalgic.

Ryan T (nl) wrote: too stretched out, could be alot shorter