Two student couples stumble upon a cult dedicated to promoting the primordial human state through rape and agriculture.

About two student couples who become members of an obscure sect. The cult seeks a prehistoric utopia with free sex and without society's norms and values. The students are torn between ambient pressure and the sect leader's authority to organ music in the creative camera angles. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Sarita C (au) wrote: Powerful lesson of forgiveness and love.

jessica r (nl) wrote: Didn't understand it AT ALL.

ld p (ag) wrote: Thief heist-er type of movie from India. It was fun for a while but nothing much happens except he keeps stealing and evading the cops and he keeps chasing girls whom he never get!! very boring plot. 2nd half was more dramatic but did not go anywhere either. This film might be unusual for a bollywood film but I did not care for it at all. one star. not recommended

Seraphic W (au) wrote: I cannot possibly even begin to talk about this movie in depth without foreseeing a 15000-word essay as the end result -- so I decided to spare you. Instead, let my rating speak for itself, and I exit solemnly, leaving you with the knowledge that if I could, I'd harvest the sky to thrust all the stars this galaxy has to offer upon this filmic miracle.

Liam P (au) wrote: Black Dynamite is the best kind of parody in that you don't have to be fully familiar with what it's referencing to find it funny. Even if you aren't a fan of the films in the line of Shaft, Human Tornado or Black Caesar. You'll still find Black Dynamite funny and fun. But if you've ever enjoyed a Rudy Ray Moore or Pam Grier movie. Then Black Dynamite will be all the more special to you.

Ayat M (kr) wrote: very, VERY, disturbing.

Christopher K (jp) wrote: well, this guy was definitely interesting and this was at time entertaining to watch... mainly to see the influence of his impact on the downtown scene, including Warhol...

Mohammed A (au) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Ryne M (nl) wrote: You can't take this movie too seriously, but it can make you laugh...if you let it...

Brendan R (us) wrote: Just not really my style of movie. No specific complaints, just not interested in it.

Abel D (fr) wrote: Fast, fluffy yet frequently amusing. this sort of precursour to Ghost and possession film, but with a musical-comedy tiwst, is still fine entertainment today. Huge props to the very charismatic Kaye as our dual leads.

Bruno D (de) wrote: The Final Frontier is the fifth movie of the Star Trek Original series. This movie isn't very good. The movie still has great banter between the crew but the overall storyline isn't very intriguing and kind of boring. Some of the dialogue is so laughably bad as well as the movie has boring and dull action sequences. It leaves a lot to be desired. Although the movie does have a fantastic sound track and has my favorite Star Trek theme to date (Next Generation Theme).Overall 2.5/5

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