In 1933, after leaving Dogville, Grace Margaret Mulligan sees a slave being punished at a cotton farm called Manderlay. Officially slavery is illegal and Grace stands up against the owners of the farm. She stays with some gangsters in Manderlay and tries to influence the situation. But when harvest time comes Grace sees the social and economic reality of Manderlay.

A story of slavery, set in the 1930s American South. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dougal S (it) wrote: This film has the reputation of being one of the better cannibal flicks of the 70s - but I really can't see why! Despite maybe having better production values than some of the others it has virtually no cannibalism in it. In fact it's actually a quite dreary story of 'love in the jungle'. A photographer goes upriver in Thailand (after randomly stabbing a man in a bar for some reason that is never expanded upon). Heading into uncharted territory he is captured by a native tribe who keep him as a slave for a bit and then integrate him into the tribe itself. At some point the chief's daughter gets the hots for him and they end up getting married and then she has a baby and promptly dies. The end. That's it.The film is really slow moving with lots of lingering shots of village life and with much of it in the native language it's difficult to know what's going on. As it's an Italian exploitation flick then there's quite a bit of nudity and the occasional graphic bit of violence but nothing to really write home about. The cannibals turn up for all of ten minutes and don't really do much apart from have a fight with the other villagers and eat one poor girl they catch by the waterfall that everyone seems intent on going backwards and forwards to.The film I watched was the UK version - Deep River Savages - which has about three minutes of animal cruelty missing (another staple of Italian cannibal films) so I don't think I've missed that much so in conclusion it left me feeling that it was ninety minutes of my life that I won't get back!

Munir H (us) wrote: Im all for different belief systems, but in all honesty, this so called "documentary" manages just as much dogma in this new belief system as the bible, the koran or any other religious book.

Nina L (br) wrote: What a performance! From his famous one-man show the well-known theater actor Guillaume Gallienne gave a masterly directed film. Born in a rich French-Russian family, Guillaume thought his whole childhood that he was a woman just like his mother, desperate by not having a girl. His father, unhappy with his female games (impersonating Sissi in his bedroom with a mocked Bavarian gown during the night) decides to put him in a boarding school where he is the victim of his classmates' homophobia. He decides to make a psycho-analysis to finally uncover at a dinner that he is not gay at all falling in love with his future wife...Well, thanks God he did not kill himself and decided to make it a movie!

Bethie W (ru) wrote: Oh dear, where to start...ok the story is actually interesting but because of a poor script and some really campy acting it just didn't work. We see nothing really of this "beast" except for some shots that look more like over grown snakes. Even "Dawson" couldn't save this movie

Kurtis A (us) wrote: lengvas, bet tikrai geras

Elise G (au) wrote: What was good about this movie is the depiction of Martin's gradual descent into Alzheimer's as well as how his wife deals with it. It is compelling to watch how it completely transforms their relationship.

Lee M (mx) wrote: Nice performances, but a bit superfluous given its surprisingly mundane point of view.

Helena M (gb) wrote: More a documentary movie about the 'old golden times'.

Scott C (gb) wrote: I wouldn't mind seeing this again. I remember Nicolas Cage being really quirky in it. I seem to recall the whole time travel thing being rather bizarrely handled, which I think made it a bit difficult to get into. I think it was hoping to be a more mature 'Back to the Future', but it didn't quite succeed at that.

Alex S (ca) wrote: A multi-layered movie from the extremely talented Spike Jonze, Where the Wild Things Are is a bleak yet beautiful portrait of many different themes that may, in the end, resonate with adults more than children (and I mean this in a good way).

Enrico C (gb) wrote: Classic noir film quite close to Preminger's masterpiece Laura. Brilliant acting: above all Gene Tierney and Jose Ferrer playing a memorable villain: doctor David Korvo.

Gregory W (gb) wrote: first technicolor horror film is weak on story but nice to look at

John M (jp) wrote: It might not appeal to your sensibilities, this unconventional relationship, and, it might make you uncomfortable, but there's a definite line that is never crossed. Your unease should give way to a weird kind of sentimentality, as, what could so easily have been quite a sleazy, uncomfortable setup turns into a kind of father-daughter thing, one of care, compassion, loyalty and, yes, love. A thriller not too dissimilar to some we've seen before, but with that intriguing extra dynamic thrown in. Oh and Natalie Portman is terrific.

Aprile F (br) wrote: Sorta disappointed that there were only two dancing performances by Astaire but even though they were few, they were amazing. Completely unoriginal plot and sometimes a little boring. But props to Paulette Goddard for keeping up with Fred..and she wasn't even a dancer.