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Mane torrent reviews

bill s (jp) wrote: Oh how the rich and clueless do real ordinary joes....what a bunch of horseshit..

Bruno D (jp) wrote: Underworld Evolution is the sequel to UnderWorld and it's pretty bad. The movie shits all over the first film with its hammy writing with loads of continuity problems. This one is just really boring, full of uninteresting characters and boring action scenes with some pretty poorly developed characters. I'm a huge fan of Werewolves and vampire movies but this just doesn't have any of the cool stuff you would hope for in a good werewolf movie. The main werewolf/Lycan designs are still ugly looking like a mixture of a bear and a monkey altho with pretty good practical effects. Altho I do really like the look of the white werewolf/William towards the end of the movie having a more iconic and werewolf like appearance to him. Overall tho 1/5

Edward G (gb) wrote: A milestone of French cinema. The Triplets of Belleville will have everyone laughing all the way through.

Matthew L (kr) wrote: A suitably atmospheric gothic drama, featuring Vincent Price before he became a cultural icon in this style of film. The pace may be a little slow for todays audiences but, the craftsmanship at work on this film, from the set designs to the cinematography mark this out as a gem waiting to be discovered.

Ivan M (mx) wrote: Truly haunting depiction of evil. Also, really expresses how we are unable to come back unscathed from flirting so closely with the dark.

Onno v (mx) wrote: 2e keer nog steeds grappig, kids vonden hem hilarisch

Heather B (mx) wrote: Emotionally brutal. Clive Owen is ruthless. I felt sorry for Jude & Natalie's characters. Pitied Julia's.

Jose R (de) wrote: With it's mediocre plot and average cast, Die Another Day still serves as a fine action film in the bond series.

Frances H (us) wrote: Story of a new kind of 21st century warfare, that according to this film, has just as much of an impact as any other type of war zone action. But, I have to wonder.Studies have shown that viewing violence on TV just leads to less sensitivity to violence on the part of the viewer. And this is making war by TV, so wouldn't the soldier/viewer just become more desensitized as well? And then there are our new generations of video game players. For them, wouldn't this be just another video game where the enemies really do die? Very haunting thoughts indeed.

Fran H (es) wrote: Wow. It's like you're watching a gathering of socially inept nerds at a Star Trek convention. The acting is some of the worst I've seen in many years. The characters and dialog are pompous, annoying, unfunny, and socially inept. Just one example: when trying to figure out why the main character is suddenly leaving after 10 years at the university, one of the professors speculates that he just has "itchy feet" and needs to move on. And another replies with the knee-slapper "Y'know, there are over-the-counter cures for that now". Wow. And the unfunny, stilted, socially inept jokes just keep coming. The score is like something they downloaded from a website with free cheesy music. And the plot is totally contrived, with a group of university professors who just happen to represent the many facets of history and biology and art that are needed to discuss and dissect this guy's claims of a 14,000 year old background. And they blithely and pompously toss around detailed dissertations on the Pleistocene era and the history of the world while trying to act like they're just cool and funny people. Which they aren't. And the casting? Well, for one they have William Katt, whose claim to fame was the unwatchable 1980's TV comedy series "The Greatest American Hero", about an inept super hero. Or something like that. Anyway, it's B movie casting all the way. And no character development whatsoever, they just plop down a group of professors and start talking. Now the basic concept of a 14,000 year old guy is an interesting one, and that's about all the film has going for it. But unfortunately they took a cool concept and produced something that comes across as a bad 1970's B movie. "The greatest science fiction movie of the decade"?? Wow, I must have watched a different "Man From Earth".