The life of a divorced television writer dating a teenage girl is further complicated when he falls in love with his best friend's mistress.

The film content: Isaac is 42 years old. He had his wife, Jill, but both were divorced. Jill currently lives with another woman Connie. She writes a book which reveals so much about the private lives of both. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David C (gb) wrote: Love the Herman Goering lookalike in the final dogfight

Tom R (kr) wrote: A heady, hypnotic semi-documentary that examines the bonding of a father and son in the Banco Chinchorro coral reefs. Beautifully shot and directed with some stunning moments - a cinematic oasis of harmony and balance. Disagree entirely with some of the reviews suggesting it's 'naive' and lacking in 'answers'.

Richard D (ca) wrote: A really wonderful thriller that balances human drama with a meditation on what it's like to live under a state that controls all aspects of life. The ending is a little bit mawkish, but it's sort of earned after the events of the climax. It manages the delicate task of depicting a character who undergoes a transformation while subtly demonstrating that he had the seeds of it in him all along.

Pamela R (fr) wrote: No vean esto, a no ser que estn muy drogados... y ni eso... plop!

Hillary D (fr) wrote: Good action flick. Good performances from talented members of the cast.

priscilla c (es) wrote: dunno if ill like it or not

Eugene B (es) wrote: Although its stars have solid chemistry, it isn't enough to win audiences over. College Road Trip is a bundle of gags and slapstick humor that doesn't even shroud the fact that it lacks a true script/plot. 2.5/5

Jason G (fr) wrote: Looks like they just barely ran out of space to credit Jirantanin Pitakorntrakul on the promotional poster.SPOILERMan kills a multitude of pimp gangsters using a variety of guns. Also ghosts, elephants, and Kevin Bacon's bad accent.

Justin T (mx) wrote: Mad Max, now more post apocalyptic than ever. An interesting adventure movie (most driving elements are removed) feel mixed about the never never land kids being in it.