Its the summer of 1974. Four friends have planned a recreational weekend hiking and camping in the forest. At a remote truck stop they pick up an anxious hitchhiker who only after a short ride demands they stop the vehicle. She is clearly frightened of somethingbut what she cant begin to describe in her carsick terror. Suddenly the group are ambushed and left unconscious.

The summer of 1974, four young people are all ambushed and left unconscious. They wake up deep in the woods with no one around but the sound of a hunting horn. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Manhunt torrent reviews

Spencer H (gb) wrote: Pretty awful. Watch it and the sequel with some friends and some beer.

Cynthia S (ru) wrote: Sweet, sweet movie...

Adam C (mx) wrote: Awful movie, why did I like pauly shore when I was younger?

Hattie T (ca) wrote: I love this movie it's beautiful....and tragic.

Mike S (mx) wrote: Lars Nilsen said Wings Hauser was pulling some incredible workdays while making this movie at night and also filming the young and the restless during the day. Good stuff, check it out.

Stephen S (br) wrote: I loved "Gates of Heaven" by this director. However, this movie ("Vernon Florida") is really thin. I could make several criticisms of the movie itself, but I want to address something that really shows up the arrogance and ignorance of the filmmakers. The movie's description includes this in reference to one of its real-life characters: ..."a 93-year-old man who thinks his pet turtle is a gopher." No, this man does not think that his turtle is a gopher." I am from that part of the country, and I know that "gopher turtle" is a term used there for a species of turtle that burrows dens in the ground. People in that area often use the abbreviated form, "gopher," to mean "gopher turtle." This does not mean that they are delusional and somehow think that the turtle is actually a small mammal! It is the filmmakers who have jumped to that conclusion, based on their own Hollywood- or New York-provincial knowledge of the world and their desire to portray their subjects as stupid. The joke, though, is on them.

Joel A (br) wrote: The somewhat sleeper film in Clint Eastwood's career but a good film none the less.Basically Clint is an ex assassin pulled back in for last job on the Eigar pass in the Swiss Alps. To me the real stand out is George Kennedy as the side kick he is just such a character.Although a little slow in the middle it's an interesting film film with some great scenery. Well worth a watch if you are a Clint fan.

Kathleen O (kr) wrote: Very cute and funny.

Hossein N (us) wrote: Dec 2010 (with Kia) - This is is Fuller's debut and it is amazing just as that. There is definitely an artificial feeling with the movie in the beginning. But it gets much better when we see ourselves deeper into the character of Bob Ford. We see how Jesse James' ghost follows him and how he cannot get away. I loved it at the end when in the duel like scene, we are reminded again that he shot Jesse James from behind. It was also fascinating to learn how much of the story has really happened.