Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop

In New York, people are slain and strangled to death brutally on the open street. All witnesses agree that the murderer was in a cop's uniform. Soon the police searches and finds a suspect in its own ranks: Jack Forrest, turned in by his own wife. To prove his innocence, he has to investigate on his own.

Two New York policemen (Tom Atkins, Bruce Campbell) and a policewoman (Laurene Landon) search for a killer dressed in a police uniform who murders innocent people on the streets of New York City. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Trey W (jp) wrote: A fun family movie that will keep your kids talking about it for days

Little D (ag) wrote: One of the most atmospheric "horror" films that I've ever seen.... The music score and the final scene are both very haunting.

Jared F (au) wrote: 110 mins of agonizingly boring slow build up with a massively scary 2 minute pay off.

Pete S (de) wrote: John Wayne in all his glory