The four principles in a love affair collide when jealousy, blackmail and suicide enter the picture.

A childless housewife falls in love with a beautiful model. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zach S (fr) wrote: Kind of an interesting look at what "world champion" children golfers go through. To me, it's kind of sad how much the parents force these kids to do this. It also requires a ton of money. Some kids were more likeable than others.

Berni E (mx) wrote: Migration drama - a powerful story cleverly communicated through the lives of four young Guatemalan children. You feel like you have travelled with them from Guatemala through Mexico to the USA.

Melissa M (de) wrote: One of the better HK movies this year, albeit out of a thus far underwhelming field. Lemon Tse doesn't overact as much as he did in The Beast Stalkers, but still outclassed by Nick Cheung.

FilmGrinder S (br) wrote: Almost everything you need to know about the time of the grindhouse.

Sara D (mx) wrote: Nice classic Japanese film.

Marcie F (fr) wrote: love this movie... i could watch it over and over

Pernilla F (jp) wrote: Thn on siis laatuleffa parhaimmillaan. 2 thte siis.

Alex W (fr) wrote: A psychedelic rock opera that is more art piece then movie. If you were a fan of pink floyd and saw this at the time you could like it, but everyone else probably not.

Orlok W (ru) wrote: Fast, intense, virtuosic camera and editing, keeping a formula situation alive and kicking--Tight action thriller, no CGI , car chases or explosions!!

Catherine R (au) wrote: Very touching movie. I saw it 20 years ago and I haven't stopped thinking about it. I guess the psychically damaged character struck a chord.

Nikki W (ag) wrote: This movie was so bad, I didn't want to keep watching, but as the 'best British comedy,' I felt it had to get better. It didn't. I didn't laugh once. Four people being mean and immature to each other is not funny in this case. If a car backfiring and breaking down will make you laugh, then maybe you will enjoy it.

Chrisanne S (gb) wrote: Rather good, with a fantastic (and saving) performance from Greer Garson who manages to convey it all.

Adrien D (de) wrote: Le film fondateur du cinma de science-fiction, 3 ans avant Mtropolis de Fritz Lang !Malheureusement injustement mconnu, comme de nombreux films muets, en noir et blanc, et/ou sovitiques...

RellyRell G (mx) wrote: jet li the s*** and i just love Aaliyah!!!

Movie F (us) wrote: I really enjoyed this film. Keanu Reeves does a great performance along with his co-stars, who was all chosen very well for their roles in this film. The movie brings a lot of great action scenes, with twists and turns which keeps the suspense going all the way till the end. I definitely recommend this movie.

Matt G (us) wrote: The worst kind of forgettable, twee, indie crap. Here are two despicably selfish human beings who we're supposed to care about because of a few poorly written "funny / sweet / redemptive" moments. Sure Wiig, Hader and Wilson give really good performances, but not enough to save it. Also, just FYI, according to this movie, if a guy ignores your "No" to sex, it's rape, but if a sexy Australian does it, it's romantic. De. Press. Ing.

Brianna C (gb) wrote: The only positive part of this entire movie was Selena Gomez being cast as Cinderella.