Manmadhan movie revoles around Two brothers look a same (Silambarasan) who is the younger one is a play boy who enjoys his leisure time partying with girls, while the older Simbu is a calm type. But he has another face. A psychotic.Problems starts when the girls, who parties with the younger Simbu are murdered one by one.Meanwhile a lady doctor, Mandhira Bedi has been called to treat the older Simbu who has a mental disorder. She founds out that he is the killer whom the police are looking for. This brings the twist in the story. Why he is the killing...

A shy girl fears and secretly desires a man who may be a serial killer . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Manmadhan torrent reviews

Eric W (us) wrote: Filmed in the style of Baghead. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence until you realize that's where you send your dog to crap.

Brian H (mx) wrote: Excellent film - great acting - great screenplay - well worth watching!

Tony B (nl) wrote: So very cheesy with mostly boring fight sequences, especially in the finale.

Parker R (us) wrote: With Jackson and Affleck effectively portraying their slowly disfunctioning characters, this is a tense drama that examines how moral principles can be deteriorated and spiral out out of control.

Zach M (it) wrote: Not the worst entry in the series but this and Halloween 5 are meant to sort of restart the series and be similar to Halloween 1 & 2.I do not think Danielle Harris is a good actress and it doesn't matter that she is a child in this film.Donald Pleasence is getting too old for the series and should just bow out gracefully, but he won't.

Jaya P (fr) wrote: A fabulous folkloric film!

Heather K (kr) wrote: Well I found out about this little ditty through looking up exploitation films and right under the marvelous "Thriller: A Cruel Picture" was listed this film, Combat Shock. Upon finding out that it was a Troma release I was less interested, but by that time the flick was already in my DVD player and it was game on. Well it's actually not jokish like your average Troma film, although the effects used on the mutant baby look like a craft clay project gone awry. I guess I should explain the story here, it seems our lead character (notice I didn't say "hero") was in Vietnam and experienced some torture, then came back to the US addicted to heroin (or he started when he got back I'm not sure) and he had a wife and an ugly fake looking mutant baby. They are broke, starving and things are pretty darned dire and that is most of the film. Our out-of it leader wanders around in pursuit of dope and money aimlessly occasionally having flashbacks or running into other junky friends. It's a downer that much is for sure and the surrealism sometimes makes this worth watching, but not enough actually happens to really make this worthwhile. An interesting note is how awful the repetative music is, there are like three looping songs which drive me up the wall....although one of the three (and all three are darned similar) is almost tolerable. I guess it's not so much a horror movie so much as a horrific movie that isn't really all that well done.

Jim H (br) wrote: A woman with social climbing aspirations compels her husband to steal a pig from rich people despite the town's food rationing program.This film is chuckle-funny, scattering a few witty moments. The supporting players, especially Richard Griffiths and the great Maggie Smith, are most responsible for the film's good scenes while Michael Palin doesn't do anything extraordinary to create a discernible character, quite unlike his Python work.Thematically, it's hard to tell what this film is satirizing. It's clear that class is at issue; the upper class characters act ridiculously, and Joyce's societal aspirations seem senseless as a result. But what is going on with the socialist food rationing? Is the film satirizing socialism? The answers to these questions aren't entirely clear.Overall, good for a few yuks, A Private Function isn't a bad film, but it's ultimately disappointing considering the overwhelming talent of its stars.

Huw G (ca) wrote: Classic sci-fi that still stands up, though could feel a little slow and long building - although that might be intended to make us think about movies responding to the fantasies people want to live through them.

John B (fr) wrote: Bertolucci's claustrophobic look at the "love" between Brando and Schneider is often grotesque and unrewarding. Both characters seem doomed to their circumstances and fate.

Saveen R (us) wrote: A portrait of leadership by Jeff Chandler. Excellent.

Irvin C (gb) wrote: This is not my favorite Fred Astaire musical. It's not my favorite Judy Garland musical either. Not even my favorite Irving Berlin score. But goshdarnit, there are lots of moments of greatness in this that a huge musical fan like me can't help but love. The story's a bit below-average even for a musical that favors the charm of the leads and lavish musical numbers over plot. But still overall, very good.

Roger R (es) wrote: This film may very well have been commissioned by the Canadian Tourist bureau. Not only does Canada look incredibly beautiful but the Canadians come across as thoroughly decent types all round. Whilst clearly a quickly conceived WW2 propaganda film produced when Britain and its commonwealth stood alone againts the Nazis and released only a couple of months after Hitler invaded the soviet union and only 3 months before Pearl Harbour. Powell and Pressburger manage to imbue it with enough of their magic to give it a timeless brilliance

Michael H (es) wrote: Harold Lloyd is... Harold Lloyd in Safety Last! He plays himself as a man who works at a district shopping store which is getting problems with costumers. The Boss is thinking that if someone can bring hundreds of people into the shopping district he will give the man a thousand dollars. The scene of his roomate getting chased by the law and climbing up the building is shocking which makes foreshadowing for the most memorable and disturbing scene in the whole picture. Harold Llyod tries to get his roomate friend to climb the district building but is sabotaged by a cop, this makes Lloyd climb the whole building. I didn't laugh because I thought he was actually going to fall at lots of points like when he was holding on to the clock the most memorable scene in the whole film. I loved this scene. I put the batman begins soundtrack on and its a perfect pitch and fit to every scene in the movie. Its funny at sometimes even with the dramatic music playing in the background its still funny. Safety Last is shockingly funny.86/100 B+

Evan K (ca) wrote: It's a fun sort of ridiculousness, but fails to do anything worthwhile.

Daniel D (es) wrote: This film has grown off me a bit, but I still think Brosnan is excellent in it. He'll probably always be my favorite Bond.

monsieur r (fr) wrote: This review will be written and updated as I see it. So far, the chance meeting of our two lead actors is purely by chance. Deduct 20 per cent. That said, after one half hour this film is arguably a good one. Rock seems to have a concious after all, upon learning that his life was saved while an admired doctor was lost. That is not credible from his juvenile behavior beforehand. Now, for the next half hour..... Ok, I am back..... Rock Hudson crashes into a road warning sign and meets the homeowner. About having someone to pick him up he says, "Be sure to have them wear their seat belts." This is a curious piece of dialog as seat belts weren't around in 1954. But somebody must have known about them as Rock said it matter-of-factly. By the way, Rock plays a wonderful and believable drunk in this scene. Ok, gotta stop this film. And now, back to the movies....... Well, its not a half hour, but I couldn't wait. The night stay at the old artist's home talked some sense into Rock. He isn't the crazy spoilt millionaire anymore. He's found love. With whom? Why with Jane Wyman. Now a widow due to Rock needing equipment that her doctor husband needed to live. This is coincidental and ironic to say the least that he should be infatuated with Wyman, a woman that appears 10 years older. The scene where the artist talks to Rock about love is pretty lame. The elderly artist warns Rock to be wary of love. He says to Rock, the last guy who fooled with love died on a cross at 33. God sakes, I almost fell out of my chair with that one. Well, gotta go. And now, back to the film....... Well, that does it. Jane just got hit by a car and is now blind. I give up. The film spun into nowhere land for me. Sorry to all admirers of this film. it just didn't make it for me. Still, a 70 rating for everthing but a plausible plot.