Abhiram is a manager in his own ad agency. He hates women and he feels that all women are traitors. Abhirams uncle, who is the chairman of the ad agency, appoints Harika as an assistant manager. Though Abhiram does not like a girl joining his company, he has to live with it as the appointment is made by his uncle. He starts mistreating her. Harika, vexed by Abhirams acts, submits her resignation to Abhis uncle, who then narrates the flashback of Abhiram to Harika.

Abhiram is a manager in his own ad agency. He hates women and he feels that all women are traitors. Abhirams uncle, who is the chairman of the ad agency, appoints Harika as an assistant ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Manmadhudu torrent reviews

Joshua D (it) wrote: basically this movie was dat shit!! word up!!, and i gave it 5 stars cuz"aint nuttin worst than a bitch ass nikka" been sayin dat since..

Jeffrey M (es) wrote: Familiar, ultimately forgettable, and only sporadically funny, Tenure is still entirely watchable because of the great charm and personality Luke Wilson brings to the table, carrying the film through its(TM) more meandering moments.

Sara A (it) wrote: I like survival movies.

Kathy F (gb) wrote: Ugh...i hate when movies don't bring back the original actor for an unnecessary 3rd sequel.

Jai K (ag) wrote: What a story! My favourite Korean movie. And if you jsut broke up woth someone and want to empathize with certain characters... This is the one. I think its well done, and Son Ye-Jin is great to watch.

Daniel P (ru) wrote: *May contain spoilers*Release Date: March 29, 2002Director: Jonathan FrakesStars: Jesse Bradford, Michael Biehn, French StewartRuntime: 94 minIt's a bad Back to the Future for this generation. Zak Gibbs (Jesse Bradford) is an ordinary high school guy who just wants to get the attention of the new girl, Francesca (Paula Garcs), at school. When he puts on this watch that his father was working on, he discovers that when he presses one of the buttons, the world appears as if it is frozen and no one can see him, as he is in "hyper time". When a Secret Agency wants to get their hands on the watch, and Zak, things turn into the chaotic. The idea is really cool, but they don't use it to their advantage. The plot is poor, the dialogue isn't great, the acting isn't great; not exactly Razzie worthy, but not any small award worthy either, and the characters can get annoying. I think I liked it when I was a kid but now that I look back, I really don't know how I liked it as much as I did.

Gimly M (ru) wrote: An overrated adaptation of Stephen King's work of the same name that has many unwarranted sequels.


Chris G (ca) wrote: Skiing. Yetis.Obviously this is a video game movie of SkiFree. And like most video game movies, it sucks. I also got this in a Mill Creek pack, but mine was the "Chiller" pack. Whoever said "Jaws with snow" is close. First person Yeti-cam, main character wants to close down the park after a gruesome death. Higher authority says no in the name of profit, and wont cave after more deaths until they see it first hand. i can see the resemblance. Just replace "it wasn't a shark, it was a boat rudder" with "it wasn't a yeti, it was an avalanche."

Matias P (us) wrote: One of Jet Lis best.

Joseph S (gb) wrote: A movie of utmost simplicity and beauty.

Jack G (gb) wrote: Really good, best of the bunch

Peter F (br) wrote: Peter Strickland takes a thrilling leap forward as an auteur after the interesting mis-fire that was Berberian Sound Studio, with this unclassifiable mood piece. Told through a narrative that's non-linear not just in terms of time, but also possibly in terms of reality, The Duke of Burgundy is a tricky beast no doubt, leaving even its setting a mystery to viewers. Shot with a brilliant eye for light and symbolic mise-en-scene (and tons of repeated motif shots), the film could have ran the risk of being esoteric and repetitive, but instead it's fluid and mysterious. The film also wisely chooses not to be a skin-flick, handling it's material regarding S+M and homo-erotica in a highly tasteful manner, thus allowing viewers to concentrate more on other factors besides the sex. It's not accessible or even fully comprehensible, but those seeking something provocative and different will find their best bet since Computer Chess here.

Tim G (mx) wrote: I thought that the hand that rocks the cradle was all right Rebecca Demornay plays the widow of a doctor who shoots himself after a patient played by Annabella Sciorra makes accusations of him assaulting her Demornay ends upbecoming Sciorras new nanny to seek revenge also Ernie Hudson gives a good performance a mentally challenged handy man who has his suspicions about Demornay

Suke M (fr) wrote: I love this movie....

Muhammad K (us) wrote: There were some great lessons in this movie .