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Stefano R (ca) wrote: Slo la vi por Raven

Marcus G (jp) wrote: I truly enjoyed this movie. Before this Chris Evans, to me, seemed to be typecast as the funny, jokey, mess about character. He takes on a more serious role here and in my eyes, he excels. Now I get that there are so many films like this out there and I'll admit that I am very bias when it comes to the film industry putting out there the sort of "corruption" that our society as a whole live with and not bat an eyelid too. This for me was a genuine eye opener as I had never even known of any of this. After I had finished, I immediately went onto Google and spent at least half an hour reading about it all. Now when a movie can make you feel the urge to research the details, that there alone is worth the money to watch a film.

Chris D (es) wrote: This exact same cast also stars in its porn spoof equivalent 'Direct Cocktact'...the action is brutally choreographed and all the stunts look like, well stunts.

Charlotte W (nl) wrote: Was the single shittiest film I have ever had the displeasure of enduring. The start is shit, the middle is shit, and the end is diabolical. Given the choice I would of rather shot myself in the head.

Sarmad J (br) wrote: dat's nice movie .. i like it ... :)

WS W (it) wrote: Entertaining indeed. Only the storyline is so thin & weak, there was all dragging & patching from the beginning till the end.

EmilyRose W (br) wrote: looks really gd cant wait to see it

Matthew K (ca) wrote: The worst of the Darkman sequels. Feels so rushed and lazy, it's not even funny. Rooker is a very bland villain, and never really takes control of the movie like Robert G. Durant, hands-down Darkman's best nemesis. It's a shame because there are some good ideas here. The film offers Darkman a fleeting opportunity to have something he could never have--a family. But between subpar acting and pretty lame action sequences, this film is a disappointing trainwreck of a film.

w r (it) wrote: I wish it was available on DVD and/streaming. Great movie that I watch over and over. I have worn my VHS tape out.

Jeni P (ca) wrote: i loved this movie as a kid.

Ryan C (ru) wrote: "Talk Radio" gives the audience a character to root against the entire movie as a shock jock who insults people on his very popular late night talk show goes way too far one night. Not only is there spectacular direction and performance, the heavy monologues, also, are what make "Talk Radio" such a hit.

Brett C (nl) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:I may not have adored James L. Brooks' Terms of Endearment, but it was a well made film that made me care for it's characters and had me evoke a range of emotions. Terms of Endearment wasn't a film that appealed to everyone as it's overall tone felt too sappy and warm. Broadcast News is Brooks' second film and he has definitely taken a bit of that sappiness down but one can still feel it lurking in a couple of scenes. Broadcast News tries to bring us in the world of televised journalism but sadly fails in having me care for any of it, as Brooks' is more concerned with the film's characters rather than have us feel like a close spectator of what it would be like to work in a place like this. The film's characters don't feel as well written as compared to the figures found on Brooks' previous film. The complications that our characters face mostly fall under the romance between the three characters rather than their profession, which kind of made this film a let down. There were a couple of moments that had me excited, like the scene where they were quickly editing a piece and they only had a couple of minutes to have it back in the control room to be played, or the moment where Tom Grunick finally had a chance to be an anchor in order to provide the news about the Libyan plane. The reason I wasn't entirely disappointed with this film was because of it's small unique moments with it's characters, like in Terms of Endearment, that prevent them from seeming predictable. Moments like the argument between Jane and Aaron near the end of the second act, really had me completely engaged, caring every single word that comes out of their mouth.The film's director of photography was Michael Ballhaus. He did a pretty decent job with this film, but it felt a little safe. It takes a style that I feel is very similar to many dramedy films that have been released in the last few decades. There were a couple of moments that tries to make the film feel and look impressive like the use of deep focus shots, but the problem was that it didn't do anything for the film's story or characters. There was a particular shot that I thought looked amazing when executed, which was the moment where the camera focuses on Tom head on and the camera glides gracefully around him and eventually giving us a view of Jane in the control room watching him.Bill Conti's score for Broadcast News was good as it establishes the tone precisely what Brooks' was going for, though I would have appreciated it a lot more if the execution in the film's writing and direction was much better. Conti's score is light, sweet and upbeat, which is the type of composition I am very attracted to.The film's features a fantastic cast that includes Holly Hunter, William Hurt, Albert Brooks, and a couple of scenes with Jack Nicholson and Joan Cusack. The cast brought a lot of personality to their characters, preventing them from feeling boring and simplistic, also they were able to balance the film's comedic and dramatic tones very well.I really hoped to come out of this film feeling satisfied, like I did with Terms of Endearment. I am not sure how I would feel after another watch, as my opinion for Brooks' first film definitely improved dramatically after a rewatch as I was able to understand the film's characters a lot better. If you are expecting a film that truly captures the thrill and tension in televised journalism, then watch Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom.

Beth M (br) wrote: The movie Kingdom of the Spiders was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. It had no real story to it. I understand the fact that the reason they may have made the movie was to scare people and get the point across that we need to stop putting chemicals everywhere in that time period. I think that's a great point to a movie, but they never emphasized the point enough. The female doctor said only one line about it and at that time period, people may not be inclined to listen to a female. There were thousands of spiders all throughout the movie and it was a very exaggerated, to the point of being unrealistic and comical. It became very pathetic very quickly. The dialogue of the movie was ridiculous as well. It wasn't very interesting which made the movie boring in a short amount of time. I did like the costumes and sets. It's always interesting to me to look at what stores and houses looked like in the late 70s and what people wore then too. The cinematography of the movie was not great either. I know it's made in the late 70s, but I think some of the camera shots and angles could have been better. For the 70s, the special effects with the spiders and the webs were not bad! However, the last scene was poor. It looked more like a drawing than anything else. The pace of the movie was very conflicting. The plot moved very fast from the beginning of the movie from the spiders killing animals to all of a sudden killing people. However, the entire movie moved very slow because of how uninteresting the movie was.

Rob S (kr) wrote: Usually when I see relationships with a huge age gap portrayed on the screen I feel uncomfortable or I think it is unrealistic. With the relationship at the heart of this film, I felt much differently, and I have no idea why. Hearing that it seems to have been inspired by Douglas Sirk I went into this movie without huge expectations, and I was pleasantly surprised.While I don't understand its full purpose yet, I was amazed by Fassbinder's awareness of the frame and putting smaller frames into the frame of the camera. These frames are not always perfect squares, but sometimes doorways to show the action going on in the other room, and I guess all I can say is it seems to speak to the voyeur. Repeated scenes with contrasting ideas/themes are also abound in this film, and these revisited scenes can be so different they can bring tears to the viewer's eyes. What is particularly sad is when the dance at the beginning of the film is redone at the film's conclusion with Ali admitting that he has cheated on his wife.I like the relationship at the core, but I am unsure what to make of the characters. Ali seems a nice enough man, though he does not have perfect German and his dialogue often lacks the use of verbs. I don't have anything wrong with that, he doesn't fully know German yet, but it shows that even with his wise sayings he still has more to learn. As for Emmi, she is not ashamed to say she was part of Hitler's party and even wishes to go to a restaurant often visited by Hitler. I can totally understand this since this film is speaking from a German perspective, but as my classmates pointed out it is uncomfortable or strange to have a character who connects positively to Hitler.I hated and loved other characters within this film for their racism and later catharsis, which shows it was able to get to my emotions.

Edson S (ag) wrote: An enjoyable funny, ironic romance movie.Also not as predictable -must see

WS W (de) wrote: Nutty nut. Not impressed.

KJ P (kr) wrote: Disney's track record of animated classics is much more on the impressive side than not. "Treasure Planet" however, teeters on the middle ground. After having a rough childhood, Jim has visit from one of the characters of his dreams, taking him on an adventure to "Treasure Planet" on a ship through space. Meeting many friends and enemies along the way, this is a very fun family adventure film. The main downfall is that is all this film strives to be. The way it began I was hoping for some deeper moments in with the characters when they were interacting with each other, but by the end of the film it felt as though the characters had come and gone just like a real dream. I am not sure if that was the intention, but it was my biggest fault with the the film. Overall, "Treasure Planet" is well-written for a kids film, the voice acting is well-cast, and the story is something that hit home while watching, but the fact that the film does;t deliver more of what the title suggests, is a bit of a letdown. I really enjoyed watching "Treasure Planet" for what it was. I believe I will enjoy it even more the second time after knowing what to expect.

Sean G (mx) wrote: Boring. Definitely not family friendly. Could only watch about 30 min. Don't Waste Your Precious time.