Circumstances force Mannaru (Appukutty), a dimwitted villager, to take his friend's wife to his home. What happens when the villagers believe the two to be man and wife?

Mannaru is director Jai Shankar's comedy-love story, starring National Award winner Appu Kutty in the lead role. Set in the backdrop of a village, Appu Kutty appears as Mannaru, a typical and irresponsible village guy addicted to alcohol and semi-porn Shakeela movies, who often visits the city on his friend's lorry as a labourer to unload sand. Malayalam actress Vaishali plays a village belle Mallika, who is in love with Appu Kutty and very adamant in her wish to marry him, despite opposition from everyone including her father. Actress Swathy plays a beautiful software engineer Anjali from a middle class family, who is ill-fated to hang out with Appu Kutty, pretending she is his wife . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel M (jp) wrote: The animation was incredible and definitely my favorite style of animation so far. I loved that many of the avengers cast were present too, but the story bored me. Hopefully a better movie gets released soon. Great voice acting though, I loved that Norman Reedus was the Punisher. 3/5

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Wahida K (es) wrote: My Previous comment before seeing:I feel so ashamed not to have watched this Movie till now. A Movie directed by Sanjay and what am I waiting for? How Dare ME?!!I was told this Movie contents everything I like in Movies. Based upon a true story.It is funny, sometimes I read Directed by Sanjay and sometimes by Raj Kapoor. I know that it was produced by Sanjay Khan. But now who really directed it? Will get my answer when I see it. I know the Trademark of Both Sanjay and Raj Kapoor as Directors.After watching: Well I think I expected a tiny bit much than this Movie gives. Its surely nice but a tiny bit too much violence and little about Abdullah. Well it was nice to watch it though I had to forward many parts, perhaps its just me who doesnt like so much violence or my expectetions were too high. I dont know. Still I would recommend it. It was directed by Sanjay Khan, no doubt!

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