Mannen som ikke kunne le

Mannen som ikke kunne le

A man who can not laugh gets help by a psychiatrist.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:1968
  • Language:Norwegian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:insanity,   city,   laughter,  

The Man Who Could Not Laugh (Norwegian: Mannen som ikke kunne le) is a 1968 Norwegian comedy film. The title role is played by Rolv Wesenlund. Harald Heide-Steen Jr. plays the psychologist with the task of teaching him to laugh. The film also stars the film's director, Bo Hermansson. The film is considered a Norwegian classic and showcases a famous comedic duo in Wesenlund and Heide-Steen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Meghna P (gb) wrote: Couldn't sit through it, the characters weren't interesting enough.

Enaid N (jp) wrote: Most of the movie made NO sense! Complete nonsense. I did however, like the scenes at the bar and the old painter. The rest of the movie was way too out of out if it for me.

Private U (de) wrote: Romantic Roadmovie... ' would like to take the drive myselve in an old VW Beetle.. all the way to Istanbul.. on my list. ..;o)

logan v (ca) wrote: ohh god this woman is so beatiful...the movie sucks but me and my friends when we were 10 years old we stood by and watch her...great years...

Lee M (ru) wrote: Noel Black's odd, creepy thriller came out of nowhere in 1968 and almost dropped out of sight shortly thereafter, though it's built a small but solidly deserved cult reputation in the years since. Like any good study in couple's psychopathology, a familiar relationship is visible here, but in a parodic, mutated form.

Petros T (it) wrote: It's by no means badly written but remains rather badly acted, edited and directed, resulting in a pretty basic, inessential 90 minute crime film that feels like it's much longer. It's always kind of stressful when I fail to like or even appreciate so-called gems such as this but I stand by my opinion. I found this boring, badly pieced together and overall trying too much to get some "philosophical" points across through a barely interesting plot. Rashomon is not too hard to watch but why do it?

Michael H (au) wrote: The Book of Love is the least funniest Spin Off of the American Pie movies. Mostly becaues Eugene Levy is barely in this movie. Nearly A Hour in and he hasn't shown up. The cover for this movie says its "Utterly Hilarious And Outrageous." Outrageous? Hilarious? No. This movie is like a arguement with someone you don't know. You just get pissed off even more because you want to punch him. The story doesn't follow a Stiffler... mainly because he is a side character. Mostly Rob is the main character. This is a repeat of the last movie and the mom is like Noah Leinstein in this movie although he appears. Rob and his friends want to get laid when they find the book of love. How will this go? Now we have gotten into a deep hole. A very deep hole which you cannot get out of. The movie is not really funny, it has the same setting as last time and it has similar characters and same everything. Also its very unoriginal. The chemistry is not believable and there isn't many good characters. Only Eugene Levy can make this movie good. But he is in it for like 3 minutes. Also, if you think a moose raping a man is funny you have serious problems. 63/100 C+

Peter P (mx) wrote: Fun action movie that works on several levels and the fact that it was filmed in Toronto and I recognize most of the locations doesn't hurt either.

Ali B (ca) wrote: Beautiful Work of Art

Mitchell M (gb) wrote: A well crafted drama with several good performances, "Margin Call" deftly handles the 2008 economic crash using an intelligent, finely tuned narrative.

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Lola B (us) wrote: Can't wait to see!!!!