Mannen utan ansikte

Mannen utan ansikte

A man, desperate and out of money, decides to rob a bank in the Helsinki suburb of Jakomäki. The year is 1986...

A man, desperate and out of money, decides to rob a bank in the Helsinki suburb of Jakomäki. The year is 1986... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob B (us) wrote: Its humor can be a bit iffy for some to see what with grown men peeing in the pool because they forgot about the chemical that turns urine blue and all but for Happy Madison fans, Grown Ups ought to be a hilarious film thanks to the tolerable performances of Adam Sandler and company.

Matthew B (br) wrote: I sense there was a great movie here and it just got rushed. So you get all sorts of loose ends, curious behavior never explained and an inexplicable finale that stops rather than ends. Too bad.

Debby B (us) wrote: love this true story

Scott W (au) wrote: All I Can Say is "WOW"

Tracy F (fr) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all time.

ANDERSON G (nl) wrote: "Barry Lyndon" is one of those movies that reminds us why Stanley Kubrick's what it is, let's start at the weak point of the film, the script is well encaixadinho but contains some holes off the pace at times are lost, though their actions are well defined, and the actions that do not excite although not bad, but the picture of this film is undoubtedly one of the best of Kubrick and consequently the film, scenes recorded without artificial lighting are of a beauty and reality are south reais, the costumes and screen elements are also incredible, rich in detail and takes us directly to the time, perfect, along with all the scene compositions that are really a work of art, zoom them in and out that Kubrick uses all the time is to show us the scene of perfection, this is quite typical in his films, but this is phenomenal, if you pause the movie at any time, you can capture the screen and send frame and put on the wall of your home the aesthetic beauty along with the details and compositions of all scenes are something I can not put into words, the soundtrack does not stand out much, but when it appears is fundamental and guides the tone of the film, "Barry Lyndon" is beautiful , magnificent and triumphant in their technical questions that show all that famous obsession with Kubrick for detail, the three-hour film are a bit unnecessary, the script extends beyond what is proposed, but it is good to have more time to admire the beauty of the movie.

Ray d (gb) wrote: Yorgos Lanthimos rec

Walter M (ca) wrote: "Punishment Park" is a chilling pseudo-documentary about political prisoners being sentenced before a judge and tribunal in violation of the Constitution. They are then given the choice between a lengthy jail sentence or Punishment Park. At such a place, they are given 3 days to run 53 miles in boiling heat with a two hour head start. Even though the movie was made in 1971 and references the Chicago 7 trial(with more gender balance here) and the Kent State shooting, "Punishment Park" still has relevance for the modern day, especially considering events after 9/11 including Guantanamo Bay, extraordinary rendition and the Patriot Act. While police brutality is nowhere near as bad as it once was, if I see a policeman or a soldier patrolling Penn Station, I am not reassured because I am just reminded why they are there in the first place. All of which is just a starting point for director Peter Watkins to explore the idea of pacifism in a larger context. While some might view pacifists as extremists in their own right, their role is actually much more important as they seek to explore a better way than violence. So, admit it guys. Intervention in Libya has less to do with protecting civilians than a chance to oust Qaddafi while somebody else does the heavy lifting.

Hemo G (mx) wrote: An underrated movie that even I, as an atheist, found moving and disturbing. Mimi Rogers was utterly believable and the ending gave me the creeps for days.

Loren R (it) wrote: Der absolute Hhepunkt, (oder sollte ich sagen, der absolute Tiefpunkt!) bei der Planet der Affen Reihe! Trashiger geht es nicht mehr und auch die Handlung ist vllig Sinnlos! Sptestens ab hier, htte man die Reihe einstampfen sollen! Zum Glck gibt es ja noch einen fnften Teil......Aber im vierten Teil geht es voll zur Sache! Rassentrennung und Rassendiskriminierung, Massenverfolgung und Unart gerechte Tierhaltung! Und bei der Geschichte ist man froh, wenn es endlich vorbei ist!

Rafael K (nl) wrote: i waited a lot of time to see such a boring movie please dont try this at home save your houres

David J (fr) wrote: Superior Korean War film about a detachment that has to guard the escape route, directed by Sam Fuller! Good stuff...