Rags-to-riches Hennessey meets newlyweds Jessie and Eddie from his old neighborhood. Eddie plots to have Jessie divorce him, marry Hennessey, divorce Hennessey, then bring Hennessey's money into remarriage with Eddie. His plan goes awry at several points.

Rags-to-riches Hennessey meets newlyweds Jessie and Eddie from his old neighborhood. Eddie plots to have Jessie divorce him, marry Hennessey, divorce Hennessey, then bring Hennessey's money... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lorraine A (ru) wrote: Pesci was his usual foul mouthed self. I do expect and want to hear the F bomb but sometimes he just overdoes it and it distracts from his character. The only time I ever saw him in a kinder role was in My Cousin Vinny which I loved and he was brilliant. And without the F bombs. I feel he always wants to revert back to the Goodfella "mode" which in that picutre suited his character. I love Helen Mirren but her part was not a kindly one. And it got a little yucky when she hopped into bed with Bruza. EEEEEEEEEEeow. All in all it showed me what a disgusting place that was to live in and be around.

Landon M (de) wrote: Awful and boring, do I really need to say more?

Michaela H (us) wrote: afgnsky chrt, beiaci na pse v gari kad de? 10 km

Alex C (ru) wrote: waters parodie le mlodrame sa faon toujours aussi trash et crampante! Malheureusement , les 20 dernires minutes brise le rythme et la finale est un peu bcl et mal faite. Mais a reste du john waters et c'est foutrement amusant!

Cameron F (jp) wrote: This is a character study beautifully directed by David Lynch. It is not for everyone. It's. look at a guy adjusting to life.

Leslie W (ca) wrote: Alan Price, please write the soundtrack to MY life.

Adrian E (br) wrote: Very mature thriller (compared to most gialli) with nods to Hitchcock. Once again, great score - this time by Morricone. No wasted dialogue and lots of political comment to go with the usual suspense and psychosis. Recommended.

Eric A (es) wrote: The experiences Blake went through with this movie helped inspire S.O.B., by all accounts a better movie. But at least we get to see it how Blake intended it: without the musical sequences, which he was forced to add against his will. Now, it is actually a pretty good spy thriller which happens to have a kick-ass theme song in "Whistling Away The Dark", one of Johnny Mercer's last, finest works.

Kevin D (fr) wrote: I confess, I'm not predisposed to fall in love with a movie star fittingly ascribed the moniker Twiggy. But in "The Boy Friend" Ken Russell's winking homage to Busby Berkley, she is the perfect image of a classic movie heroine, with her willowy frame and her big sad eyes. Her character, a put-upon assistant at a London theater, is roped into the starring role when the actress in that part sprains an ankle just before the big premiere. While the far more flamboyant supporting players enact ploy after conspicuous ploy to feed her her lines, this gangly wallflower stumbles endearingly from scene to scene, only blossoming into a lively presence when paired with her toothsome costar, whom she loves.Sheesh, I ought to write bodice-rippers, oughtn't I?As Twiggy swoons in the arms of her leading man, Russell launches with abandon into his big set pieces, each one chock-full of his characteristic weirdness. Like the bowling Valkyries of "The Big Lebowski", these take the odd energy of Berkley's musicals an dial it up to 11. Some highlights: the company dances on a giant phonograph, shrink down to fairy size and perform in a mushroom village, and splash about on stage in an energetic beach scene. I fear I'm turning into Bosley Crowther. Does any one else ever feel like that?Too often Russell seems to get bored with a movie, and he does those big bizarre set pieces as a distraction, as in his film "Mahler". Sometimes he seems to view these scenes as the film's entire raison d'etre; I think "Tommy" was guilty of this, invigorating though "Tommy" often was. Here his outsized muse serves the material and the emotions of the protagonist. This is why it is, in my experience, his best film.Thus endeth the book report.

Andrew R (nl) wrote: A sad yet profound film about a failing circus owner and his lover attempting to better their lives and get out of the circus. Dark and emotional this film has an impact that puts me in a reflective mood no matter how bad my life is it's not this bad.

Gabrielle Z (ca) wrote: lovely lovely lovely

Rip V (ag) wrote: Featuring depleted humor, dispensable characters, predictable twists, ridiculous dialogues and wasted "Pulp Fiction" potential, this film is nothing more than a huge mess of celebrities.

Waleed A (br) wrote: watched it a long time ago and didn't really like it. tried to watch it again and couldn't get through it. not funny. everyone is crazy (1.5 views)