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Männersache torrent reviews

Craig W (br) wrote: Very cool film indeed. Great story of deception, wrong place wrong time etc kinda film. A good performance from Kilmer and an unhinged Madsen. These kinds of double crossing films are done a lot these days but in 1989 this would have been the best. Even now I truly thought this was a brilliant film full of cool characters, your femme fatale, your psycho, your gangsters and your seedy private eye who gets screwed over time and time again only to walk away laughing. Brilliant film.

Caleb C (mx) wrote: pretty good and funny

Jim B (gb) wrote: Crazy acid trip of a movie. Its more of a horrific nightmare than anything. Insane!

John R (ru) wrote: 160429: 2.5 tops. This is a weak re-make and fails almost completely. Perhaps it was just the awe I remember upon seeing the original but I this one brought nothing to me. Why Kurt Russel? Luckily, I paid only $1.00 at a garage sale. Now it will be in my next one.

Kori G (es) wrote: Entertaining, but nothing special. Sheds some light on how terrible the journalism industry can really be.

Greg W (mx) wrote: awesome sci-fi this was an early video tape fave of mine

William S (es) wrote: The battle scenes are well done and the costumes are outstanding. About 17, 000 extras were used in the filming. Rod Steiger as Napoleon seriously chews up great amounts of the scenery, but it is well worth the watch. Christopher Plummer is my idea of the Duke of Wellington. Orson Welles has a small role as King Louis XVIII but historically hits the nail on the head in the role.Dan O'Herlihy looks the part of the red haired Marshal Ney, but doesn't really grab the role. The editing is a little rough between the grand ball of the Duchess of Richmond and the start of the battle of Waterloo. An hour or two of film of the intermediate battles between the ball and Waterloo, Quatre Bras and Ligny are deleted.

Yoav F (gb) wrote: i don't like this movie, its too boring there's too much French talking in it and I don't see any reason to like a movie just because cary grant and grace Kelly are in it-they appear in much better Hitchcock movies like rear window or north by northwest....the movie contains too much pointless dialogues

Nandi C (gb) wrote: A real nice down home film where a new priest Bing Crosby gets to join a parsonage run by Barry Fitzgerald who has been there for some years and along the way, you have some things that go a bit crazy, but still a nice warm hearted film.

Jay A (ru) wrote: Growing up, my dad and I watched Abbot and Costello movies on the CBC (back then it was weird for somebody my age to watch such ancient movies) and this, their first feature, is an amusing blend of slapstick, wordplay and musical numbers.