Manolito Four Eyes

Manolito Four Eyes

The usually absent father of a chubby kid shows up to take him on a road trip.

The usually absent father of a chubby kid shows up to take him on a road trip. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nate S (ca) wrote: The true best movie of the year.

Anna C (kr) wrote: I loved this movie! and I loved the kid who plays the leading role, he never speaks a word during the all story but he's so expressive! and funny! and you can't avoid to take his part. Great!

M Q (au) wrote: I enjoyed seeing "Mid August Lunch" at the Tivoli Theatre in Kansas City on May 27, 2010. It's my continued attempt at immersion in things Italian before traveling there this Summer. The film was a slow stroll through the life of an unemployed middle-age bachelor taking care of 4 older women. Great film!

leah p (br) wrote: The film documents Russell's progression from being an outsider in a small farming town in Iowa to being a thriving personality in New York's alternative music scene. It serves as a great introduction to both Russell's music and his history, to both casual fans and those who know nothing about him or his music. The film also dips into some of his personal struggles, such as his appearance, sexual orientation, and tendency to work constantly, culminating with his battle with AIDS, which led to his untimely demise in 1992.With more than just passing appearances from Allen Ginsberg and Philip Glass, you get a sense of just how inspiring this man was, and just how strange it is that he never achieved the cult status he has today while he was still alive.

Kathleen P (it) wrote: I saw the preview for A Thousand Years of Good Prayer, which shows a Chinese man talking on a park bench with an Iranian women; both have problems speaking in English but they communicate and talk about their children. I thought it would be a nice heartfelt movie about two immigrants connecting. That was a part of it... but it was a lot more than that.There is indeed a Chinese man; he is an old rocket scientist and is visiting his 30-some year old daughter in the U.S.; the problem is that they don't talk... almost at all. The setting is a pretty dull-looking suburban apartment complex, and the only thing to do is to go to a nearby park with some ducks. I had a feeling of depression throughout the whole movie. There isn't really anything momentously bad that happens in the movie; maybe it's that nothing huge happens at all and people are just not happy. It was very non-uplifting, especially as there is no clear resolution by the end. There are a couple funny parts, and some of it is pretty charming as it is a reflection of real life. However, I was expecting a very cute and fun feel-good movie, and it wasn't. It was a snippit of time in this family's life, about some pretty severe communication gaps and how difficult it is to heal a whole lifetime of lack of intimacy and hurt. Some wounds don't heal overnight, and some lessons can't be learned in a short period of time. The film has sincerely stellar acting, and it is serious in a very real way. I can't say I enjoyed the film and maybe it's because it hit too close to home, but I can say it was very good.

Tim M (de) wrote: Stark, bleak and boring. This is the Miike from The Bird People of China. Too austere for me.

Andrea S (br) wrote: Talk about creepy land lady! If ever a film were to prevent you from renting a flat, this would be it!!

Noname (kr) wrote: Great action/adventure about a master thief (Sean Connery). These kind of movies i like alot.

Scott P (jp) wrote: i liked this movie the first time a saw it....when it was called Aliens....this movie is a complete clone of the alien sequel!

Tabi S (fr) wrote: Awesome movie !! Corey Feldman and Corey Haim are two amazing , talented , and very cute boys ! I love them ! ~ RIP Corey Haim !

Charlie G (us) wrote: Stephen King is always good. Not as much in the movie as the book.

jay n (au) wrote: Florid, over the top De Mille epic, is there any other kind? The technicolor is vivid, the costumes are beautiful and the acting is enjoyably over the top, with the exception of Susan Hayward who, honey chile accent notwithstanding, gives a sweet, real performance amongst all the scenery chewing.

intuciic (de) wrote: quite boring and poor story movie

Brett W (ru) wrote: Excellent movie, describing exactly why police officers never give up their guns in real life.