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Mansara torrent reviews

Rahmat M (us) wrote: Shooting location is near my house! With Emmett Cullen haha..

Dave R (jp) wrote: Second movie for shark week but oh my god what will they think of next I tell ya this was pretty dumb spoof of jersey shore B movie all the way but some waht funny as well

Oriana B (nl) wrote: A desperate travel in the saouth of Lebanon during the days after the israeli bombing of Lebanon in summer 2006.. A man and a woman, different but together inside the tragedy of a destroyed beautiful Country... May God bless all the children

Dana A (kr) wrote: This movie was a mess. Weak story, ueven plot, mediocore acting, offensice stereotypes and simply not John Singleton's best, mayb just be his worst. However, I will tell you this was fun to watch and quite funny at times. If you let the nonseniscal story filled with holes slide, and forget the fact there were so many chances for Illegal Tender to get things right that it's depressing to realize that it misses all of them, you just might enjoy this mess. Its simply meant to entertain, nothing more, nothing less.

Ccile G (de) wrote: Encore une fois, le duo Zabou Breitman / Bernard Campan fonctionne merveille. Un beau film, esthtiquement trs russi.

Robert B (kr) wrote: Session 9 (Brad Anderson, 2001)[originally posted 28Mar2002]Since Scream, America has been inundated with horror films that want to be hip and trendy. Leave it to Hollywood to overlook the hippest and trendiest of them. Session 9 is The Others without an A-list actor to lend it credibility; it's all about atmosphere rather than shock value. That will probably turn most horror film fans off, butt he true aficionado will find a whole lot here to like.The premise is a nice one: a team of asbestos removal workers, led by two guys with the unassuming names of Phil (David Caruso) and Gordon (Peter "My Name is Joe" Mullan), are hired to clear out an old asylum. The crew finds a series of tapes regarding a particular patient, and they start listening to them on breaks. The closer they get to the end of the therapy, the more tense thingsget in the real world. It's probably no coincidence that there are a whole lot of visual similarities between this film and the computer game version of John Saul's series novel The Blackstone Chronicles. Certain scenes could have been lifted straight from the game, and the actors dropped in. That said, it's probably not a coincidence that the two offer the viewer the same atmosphere, a slow, relentless building of tension. What makes Session 9 different than The Blackstone Chronicles (and The Others, for that matter), is that the right questions to ask in the game are irrelevant at theclimax of the film. Whether the ghosts are all in the workers' heads or not doesn't matter a bit, except as post-film coffee-table discussion fodder. Anderson hands us the set of questions we expect, and then answers them with the answers to a completely different set. It's a beautiful thing; tends to put off people who don't like surprises (or, at least, those who like their surprises to come within a predetermined set of choices; e.g. most fans of your average run-of-the-mill horror flick), but done right can propel a film to greatness. This one comes pretty close. **** 1/2

Ben G (br) wrote: what a lucky bastard they were..

Jeff B (nl) wrote: Like a combination of The Crow and Nightmare On Elm Street - only bad.

Fredrick R (jp) wrote: the only thing even remotely interesting about this movie is JTT trying to shed his Disney/Home Improvement Image

Brian P (it) wrote: didnt like this one.........

Tom v (es) wrote: A movie so bad, it's great. It's classic Reb Brown action on a space ship. If you plan to watch this you might consider getting the MST3k version so you can laugh even more.

James R (ag) wrote: A German film about an Aboriginal legal battle in Australia. Mildly informative and quite fun. Social commentary in the movie stays focused on the matters of Aboriginal rights and struggles, though other facets are covered. The story has a major character change, but unlike most movies doesn't make that the movie. Lead acting is very humble.

Muffin M (de) wrote: It's not that he's clumsy, shy or dressed for disco that makes Dave Ming Chang (Eddie Murphy) stand out from everyone else in New York City. It's that he's an alien! More accurately, he's an alien ship, on a mission to Earth to save his home planet. Torn between the voices in his head - a tiny alien crew led by a high-strung, miniature version of himself - and the world around him, Dave struggles to appear normal. But when he falls for an Earth woman (Elizabeth Banks), the consequences are hilarious!also stars Gabrielle Union, Scott Caan, Ed Helms, Kevin Hart, Pat Kilbane, Judah Friedlander and Marc Blucas.directed by Brian Robbins.

Kathleen W (it) wrote: Jurassic World knows exactly what it is, and it knows what you expect it to be, and it knows what you're afraid it will be. It's not trying desperately to disprove you, either. It's confident in what it's doing. This is a family friendly film about huge dinosaurs, and it's a love letter to Jurassic Park. There's themes in it too which are easy to overlook. It's simultaneously modern while critiquing the modern. It's filled with corporate sponsorship while mocking it. Our characters are lacking depth in this iteration but that's like, totally on purpose. The adults are comic book characters, exactly what we're afraid they would be and exactly what a kid would expect to see. All I'm saying is, give the film a chance. It knows what you know and it knows a little bit more. P.S. The first time I watched it in a cinema the finale almost made me cry.

Dave J (nl) wrote: After wife gets brutally killed in a Chicago parking lot, Stanley Hill (Travolta) seeks retribution leading her murder to corrupt politician. A cross between John Wick and Hard To Kill